Are Hedgehogs Aggressive? How To Handle

Do you find your hedgehog biting, hissing, and curling into a ball? Naturally, these are some aspects of hedgehog behavior that can appear as aggressive to humans.

Like all creatures, hedgehogs have their typical defense mechanism which is based on their mood. But are hedgehogs aggressive? Most hedgehogs are not aggressive and mean!

calmed hedgehog

In this article, you will know the answer to this question in detail.

After reading this, you will have complete knowledge of the how and why of your hedgehog’s behavior. So, let’s find a clear answer to your questions.

How Aggressive Hedgehogs Act?

There is no official rule that can define the aggressive behavior of a hedgehog. It’s depends on the situation. Some experts say that when they curl into a ball, they are aggressive, while others say that this is a natural reaction against predators.

Are Hedgehogs Aggressive Towards People?

Hedgehogs are not aggressive towards people unless they feel that it is their predator. Although, they are kind of anti-social pets that generally like to be left alone.

As they are anti-social pets, a cage is recommended to keep them. Also, the breed of a hedgehog plays a role in this. Keep a check on it too!

If people get too close to them, they might curl up into a ball rather than attacking or biting them. Hedgehogs are not dangerous, but when they poke quills, it can hurt.

People who are allergic to hedgehogs may expect a rash after holding hedgehogs.

Hedgehog’s Aggression Towards Other Hedgehogs

Yes, hedgehogs can be aggressive in front of other hedgehogs. Talking of this, mostly when a new hedgehog is born, the father can harm the babies when they are born.

With no intention of aggression, mothers can also harm their babies’ by running over them. Also, when they drag their babies, it may cause them injuries

Can A Hedgehog Bite?

Biting doesn’t only express aggression. Hedgehogs may bite because they are trying to communicate something. Hedgehog owners say that when a hedgehog bites, it could mean a lot of things. It can even mean that they are not getting enough and proper sleep.

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But yes, if your hedgehog randomly bites you, it is a complete sign of aggressiveness of a hedgehog.

If a hedgehog has some type of illness, it tries to communicate to the owner by biting a lot. Hedgehog, if it finds the surrounding environment uncomfortable, can also bite.

During the quilling process of a hedgehog, it also faces some pain and discomfort, which may lead to a change in the behavior, making it aggressive. As hedgehogs are anti-social and solitary creators, too much physical contact can also make them a little aggressive, and they might start biting.

It can also bite due to hormonal fluctuations, which will not be visible to the owner. In such a case a veterinary should be consulted. It may also bite because someone enters their territory. For instance, when you put a hand in its cage, it may bite because you entered its territory.

How Do You Handle An Aggressive Hedgehog?

You need to bond with your pet. It is difficult in the case of hedgehogs due to their anti-social nature. It is very important that you respect a hedgehog’s boundaries, and this will also help create a healthy bonding. If you disrespect its boundaries, it may start hissing and even start curling.

If you feel that your hedgehog has become too difficult to handle, there is an interesting and effective solution to it. Put your old clothing in your hedgehog’s cage! This can help your hedgehog to smell and adjust with you. Later, when you hold them in your hand, they will find a scent similar to the cloth you kept in the cage.

Try giving your hedgehog its favorite food. This may help them to calm down.

Hedgehogs are sensitive to bright lights and shadows because they have very poor vision. You need to be very mindful while keeping and adjusting the light around the hedgehog’s cage. Due to the effect of lightning, hedgehogs may become aggressive at times.

If you let your hedgehogs sit on your lap every day over time, they will get used to you, and they will get friendly with you. While dealing with aggressive hedgehogs, patience is the only key.

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If you still feel that your hedgehog shows sudden behavioral changes and you are not able to make out why, going to a veterinary doctor would be effective. A change in the behavior of animals often is a warning sign that’s something is wrong.

Tips To Handle A Hedgehog

Hedgehogs sometimes can become a hassle to handle. Here are a few tips which you can use to handle your pet hedgehog.

  • Hold your hedgehog in the evening because they are most likely to be awake during that time. A sleepy hedgehog will be grumpy.
  • Let your hedgehog snap at your hands so that they can recognize your scent and your touch every time you hold them.
  • Use your palm to hold the hedgehog. Scoop your hand a little bit to get a perfect grip on your hedgehog.
  • Try letting your hedgehog sit on your lap. This will make it feel safe.
  • Try giving your hedgehog its favorite meal when you hold it.
  • The quills of the hedgehog and not as strong as porcupines. So don’t worry. When they hurt you, it will not be very painful.

Summing Up

So, the question, are hedgehogs aggressive, is answered. Most hedgehogs are not aggressive animals, but they can be mean sometimes. So, if they show some behavioral changes that may look like aggressive behavior, remember that it can also mean something else.

Hedgehogs may look scary, or they can bite sometimes, but it’s nothing to worry about. Everyone has their tempers.

Always try and understand to see what your hedgehog is trying to tell you. This way, you may learn what your hedgehog likes and dislikes, creating an unbreakable bond with your pet.

Between all this, make sure everyone has plenty of room. Let your hedgehog relax and enjoy its privilege in its cage, if it is getting more aggressive.