Are Hedgehogs Fast? (Interesting Comparison Included)

Hedgehogs are one of the most playful and fun animals to be around. A hedgehog’s playful side can be observed when they become familiar with you and no longer feel nervous or threatened.

Hedgehogs are solitary animals and mostly prefer keeping themselves isolated and away from people. They like spending time in their litter box or on their wheel.

hedgehog and rabbit

So, the question here is, do hedgehogs run? And if they run. Are hedgehogs fast?

Yes and no, hedgehogs can run around, but their speed varies from one hedgehog to another hedgehog. You cannot compare the speed of your hedgehog to other animals.

How Do I Infer If My Hedgehog Is Fast or Slow?

Hedgehogs are fast. Their speed depends on their weight, their size, and the shape of their body. But if you compare hedgehogs with other pets, you may realize that your hedgehog is comparatively slower than other pets.

The highest speed at which the hedgehog can run is four miles per hour. Hedgehogs have a lot of body constraints. Hence, four miles per hour is more than enough for them.

When we observe hedgehogs while running around us, we may notice that the speed at which hedgehogs run does not seem to be as slow as it seems to be.

A hedgehog seems as if it is running faster than the average speed of four miles per hour. The apparent difference in speed is due to the shape and size of the hedgehogs.

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Conclusively, we can say that hedgehogs are fast, but as compared to other pets, they are not fast enough.

Why Do People Excite Hedgehogs Running?

We see people around us who are impressed with hedgehogs when they see them running around. Hedgehogs are tiny in size. They have small legs; this is why they have very little leg thrust power.

To make up for the lack of leg thrust, hedgehogs have powerful stamina. Their stamina depends on the diet they consume and the necessary nutrients that they take up. If your hedgehog has a balanced and nutritious diet, it will be able to run around for eight to nine miles in the period of a single night.  

Hence, the strong stamina that a hedgehog has made up for its average speed. Hedgehogs have a slower running pace as compared to other pets that you could adopt. But a hedgehog’s stamina makes up for the running speed of a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs Go Round And Round

Hedgehogs have the unique characteristic of running round and round in circles. They have the capability and the tendency to run around the same place in circles for hours.

Hedgehog owners note that the hedgehog’s amount of time that keeps moving in a circle does not affect its ability. A hedgehog might spin around and run around the same place in a circle, but the hedgehog will never experience a dizzy attack as humans do.

The reasons why hedgehogs display the following behavior with no dizziness have not been found yet. Some texts and research portray that the unusual behavior could be because of an illness or a neurological problem, or a disorder in hedgehogs.

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How Fast Are Hedgehogs Compared to Other Small Animals?

Rat8 mph
Squirrel12 mph
Chinchilla15 mph
Guinea Pig6 mph
Hamster6 mph
Hedgehog4 mph
Gerbil6.8 mph
Home Mouse8 mph

Can My Hedgehog Practice How To Run Around?

Yes, your hedgehog can get better at running over time. There are many conditions that a hedgehog has to follow to make sure that its pace increases over time.

The first and critical condition that your hedgehog has to follow is a healthy diet. As a hedgehog owner, you must ensure that your hedgehog has consumed all of the nutrients needed.

A balanced and healthy diet is essential, but so is exercise. Try to set the number of hours you would like to designate to your pet practicing around running and exercising. Try exercising with them.

Many hedgehog owners have noticed that hedgehogs can enjoy exercise and go around running after their owners if the hedgehog owners take part in their daily activities or exercises.

Exercising is essential for hedgehogs. There is no way in between and no debate. Just like hedgehogs need a balanced diet that is full of nutrition, hedgehogs need exercise too. They need to run around and charge their bodies to stay active and to stay fit. Exercising and drills for your hedgehogs can ensure that the hedgehog has a running habit. The running habit is also essential for working on a better speed and pace for your hedgehog.