Are Hedgehogs Noisy? What Do Their Sounds Mean?

Do you hear clicking or huffing sounds from your hedgehog cage in the middle of the night? It is most likely your hedgehog present in the garden or cage is making them? You aren’t sure if your pet hedgehog can make noises, are you?

You’ll find yourself fortunate to hear your otherwise quiet and reserved pet hedgehog. Hedgehogs are capable of making a variety of noises according to their moods. You can interpret many things about them just from their noises.

In this article, we have discussed most of such noises along with their interpretations. Read along to know if your hedgehog is trying to convey something.

Does Your Hedgehog Make Noises?

No doubt your hedgehog likes its private space, but at times you might have the fortune of hearing your hog. You may not believe it; however, your hog can produce a diverse range of noises, from squeaking to bird noises.

Yes, you read it right, bird noises. Your hedgehog is more talented than you think.

The perfect time for you to hear those noises is at night, without any disturbance. It is the time when your hog might be looking for food or simply talking in sleep. Or it could also be happily purring to show love for you.

Some basic noises your hedgehog can make are-

  • Squeaking
  • Hissing
  • Clicking
  • Chirping
  • Huffing
  • Whistling

Should You Be Concerned For Your Hedgie Health?

Hedgehogs have different vocalizations for different situations. Also, their noises change according to their moods and needs. Besides the variety, they tend to become noisy only in rare circumstances.

A noisy hedgehog is, generally, a sign of a happy and content pet. Still, in some circumstances, your hog might be trying to communicate about some discomfort.

While you might be thinking of the clicking sound as a good sign, a louder clicking could indicate irritation. So, it is preferable to understand what its noises mean and act accordingly.

Further, there are times when your hog doesn’t like you interfering with its actions, like in the mating season. During those times, it is likely to produce a different set of noises. You need to recognize them and keep your distance to avoid aggravating them.

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Overall, you don’t need to be worried about a noisy hog. Instead, you should enjoy the sound and not disturb your pet.

What Do Hedgehog Noises Mean? 

Let’s discuss what could your hog’s sounds mean.

1.     Dreaming

You can notice your hedgehog makes different sounds during sleep. Depending on its dreams, it makes these sounds.

One example is tapping sound. It seems like your hog is trying to walk in its sleep and, thus, the sound.

You will also hear your hedgehog making a snoring sound often at night. It means your hedgehog is sleeping peacefully. Further, if you see its eyes are open while snoring, it might be facing difficulty in breathing.

Sometimes hedgehogs even cry at night. It could be hungry or terrified of some bad dreams.

2.     Eating

Your hedgehog will make soft squeaky noises when it is hungry. Further, if it doesn’t get food on time, it tends to cry or squeak loudly out of hunger.

Even while eating, the hedgehog often makes grunting or a soft happy squeak noise. It must be trying to break down the food for easy digestion.

Further, if you feed your hedgehog live mealworms that may try to escape from the food bowl or the cage. Your hedgehog will try to control them, making more loud noises like knocking on its food or water.

3.     Mating Season

Hedgehogs’ mating season is at its peak during May and June. You will hear noises from your garden area or the area near your hedgehog’s cage.

The several noises you can hear are purring, snarling, or whistling sounds. You can also hear loud noises as grunting or snuffling.

The male hedgehog often makes a huffing sound when it is trying to trail around the female hedgehog.

The female hedgehog also sometimes makes a sound similar to chuffing like the steam train. It makes the sound to put the male hedgehog off her.

These sounds are an indication that you should not disturb them.

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4.     Happiness

Your hedgehog can make sounds when it is happy.

Baby Hedgehogs make a chirping sound similar to that of a bird. The chirping sound of hoglets means that they are happy and healthy and asking for food.

Happy hedgehogs tend to sleep more. So, if you find your hedgehogs peacefully snoring in sleep, it also means it is happy. Though the grunting noise can be loud, you need not worry as it is normal.

Often, male hedgehog makes a happy squeak noise when they receive attention from the female hedgehog.

Apart from making noises, hedgehogs may also explore your house and run over everything when they are happy. It is normal, and you should not stress about it.

5.     Distress

When your hedgehog is distressed, it makes loud squeaky panicking sounds.

You will notice it screams like a baby when distressed. Screaming sounds are an indication that your hog needs attention. You will need to discover hedgehogs immediately and check if it is safe or not.

It could be hurt or stuck somewhere.

Often, hedgehog makes quacking sound similar to ducks when it is distressed.

The screaming sound indicates that the hedgehog is in pain, while the quacking sound is not a big problem.

6.     Danger

When in danger, your hedgehog will make a hissing sound.

When put in a new environment or around new people, Hedgehogs will make a hissing sound to indicate that they are not comfortable.

Additionally, it might also hiss and jump with clicking sounds if it notices someone trespassing its territory with predatory instincts.

Ending Notes

A noisy pet hedgehog is a rare sight, but yes, hogs make sounds too. From hissing to clicking to farting to squealing, the list keeps ongoing.

Being concerned is natural for you, especially if you are new at it.  With this article, you can tone down your worries and understand what your hog is trying to convey.

Finally, make videos and store these rare memories forever.