Are Hedgehogs Smart? (5 Facts About Their Inteligence)

Who does not love a smart pet? Everyone wants and admires a pet that can socialize and communicate like a pro and has all the intelligence a pet should have. But the question at hand is, how do we measure and evaluate an animal’s intelligence.

What are the parameters that have been set to test the intelligence of animals? All animals have different parameters to judge their intelligence.

hedgehog with book

How does the parameter work for hedgehogs, and how do we measure a hedgehog’s intelligence with it? Are hedgehogs smart? These are some questions that might pop up in your head when you are thinking about hedgehogs’ intelligence.

Communication in Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are very smart, and they can communicate their needs and wants whenever they want to their owners. They are known as pets that are very communicative. Research has shown that hedgehogs have various ways of communicating with their owners.

Some hedgehogs like nibbling on to their owners’ hands or on their clothes to portray their feeling of discomfort. Some hedgehogs have observed that their hedgehog comes up to them running when it is excited. Some point out that their hedgehog licks their hands, and the hedgehogs rub their nose against their owners’ hands and clothes to seek the attention of their owner.

Communication is a form of intelligence, and hedgehogs fulfil this parameter as well.

Hedgehogs and Emotions

Hedgehogs can show their emotions when they are upset. Many hedgehog owners have claimed that their hedgehog would sulk around and ignore their owner for a long while if the owner left the hedgehog behind for a vacation and returned a few days later.

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Hedgehogs tend to sulk around, refuse to be held, and avoid any affectionate gesture from their owners. Sulking is their way of pointing out that they are angry at their owners. The example shows that hedgehogs are smart enough to deal with emotional intelligence.

Hedgehogs and Socializing

Hedgehogs are animals that like to stay in solitary. They do not get along with other hedgehogs or want anybody to accompany them. They do not even want their owners to be around them because they prefer staying alone.

The research has shown that when hedgehogs are introduced to their human family when they are young, they can socialize like a pro and turn out to be very good companions.

The hedgehogs become very comfortable around their human family if they are introduced to their human family at the early stages of their growth. They are comfortable because the early stage of growth is when they are comfortable with a human handling them and giving them the affection they need.

They are smart enough to understand and learn human affection and love, and they can learn to appreciate them.

Hedgehogs tend to be very relaxed and calm when introduced to their human family at a young age. They crave human attention and love when they reach their desired level of comfort. The hedgehog’s nature here defines how intelligent hedgehogs are.

Recognition Capability in Hedgehogs:

Hedgehogs, like other pets, can recognize their owners. They recognize them and try to stick around with their owners when they are unfamiliar and are surrounded by strangers. The hedgehog’s ability to remember its owner is a good example of how smart hedgehogs are.

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Memory retention is very difficult in some pets. Pets seem to forget who their owners are. But hedgehogs can distinctly tell their owners apart from other humans, explaining how intelligent they are.

Hedgehog’s Response to Danger:

Hedgehogs can sense when they are in danger. They have various and unique ways of expressing their fear, and they try to escape the place where they detect it.

If the hedgehog’s owner is close by, the hedgehog is most likely going to run towards its owner for the sake of protection. Their spikes point up when they sense danger due to the nervousness and the anxiety they have to face due to the fear of danger. A dangerous situation is where they use their smart brain and try to recognize their owner and hide behind them to avoid and fight off any danger.

From all of the examples given above, we can see that hedgehogs are pretty smart. But when they are compared to other pets, you might find your hedgehog at the bottom of the intelligence scale.

The reason why it might happen is that your hedgehog will not learn any new tricks or remember names or do entertaining things that might make you laugh. They are quite smart but in their category. You cannot compare their intelligence because hedgehogs are solitary.