Can Hedgehogs Eat Zucchini?

Zucchini is regarded as one of the healthiest vegetables one can consume. Many people like consuming zucchini when they are on a diet or when they want to incorporate healthy green veggies in their diet. Zucchini is also used in detox waters and healthy salads to provide nutrition, taste, and control the damage done inside …

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Can Hedgehogs Eat Cabbage?

Hedgehogs like consuming fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Many hedgehog owners have witnessed their hedgehog liking and adapting to homegrown and homemade meals rather than the preserved meals available in the market. Hedgehogs need to have a strictly healthy diet to their sensitive digestive and immunity system. Hence, when we are picking foods that we …

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Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Held?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They prefer spending alone with themselves instead of choosing a company to enjoy their time. Most of the time, initially, hedgehogs get very nervous around humans and other hedgehogs too. Two male hedgehogs cannot be together in a litter box together because they prefer to live alone and fight for dominance …

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