Best Cat Foods For Hedgehogs

Cat foods provide the best nutritional value to hedge. You can buy commercial hedgehog food in the market, but they are made from low-quality ingredients. On top of that, you will not find too many options for good hedgehog food.

If you want your hedgehog to follow a healthy diet, then cat food is the best option.

The guide covers everything related to the best cat foods for hedgehogs.

Top 10 Picks Of Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs

1.     Solid Gold – Fit As A Fiddle

Dry cat foods have low-fat content, which makes them one of the best options for hedgehogs. Solid Gold contains Alaskan Pollock and a blend of 20 superfoods. The nutritional content of the cat food is great for your hedgehog.

There are no added flavors or preservatives in the cat food. Moreover, it does not contain soy, corn, and wheat. This is a low-calorie formula that will help you maintain the weight of your hedgehog.

The cat food is rich in omega and contains turkey meals. All of the ingredients help in keeping the coat and skin of your hedgehog healthy as well.

2.     Blue Buffalo – BLUE™ Indoor Hairball & Weight Control Chicken & Brown Rice

The primary ingredient of the Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice flavor is real meat. Due to the presence of real protein, your hedgehog will develop stronger muscles.

The food also contains whole grains, fruit, and garden veggies. This is a great cat food if you have a greedy hedgehog that is prone to gaining weight. The exceptional blend of calories and protein helps maintain body weight.

Blue Buffalo also has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help enhance the skin and coat of your hedgehog. The cat food contains LifeSource Bits® that are antioxidants filled mineral and vitamin nuggets.

3.     Chicken Soup for the Soul – Chicken and Brown Rice

The Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food is also in the flavor chicken and brown rice. This dry cat food is made from quality ingredients and has no artificial flavors. Moreover, it also does not have added preservatives and colors.

Apart from the chicken, the food also contains turkey, salmon, and duck. All of these ingredients provide a wide variety. This makes the cat food high in fiber which is extremely healthy for your hedgehog.

You will also find that the cat food is packed with vegetables, herbs, roots, and fruits. The presence of salmon and flax provides omega 3 to your hedgehog. This cat food is also a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

4.     Halo – Grain Free Holistic Chicken and Chicken Liver

Halo is a highly regarded brand of cat food. They are known for not supporting the routine use of antibiotics and factory farming in their products. Their cat food does not contain any GMO vegetables.

The Halo cat food is also free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. This cat food would be a great source of nutrients for your hedgehog.

It contains a variety of roots and fruits combined with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The presence of salmon oil and flaxseed supplies omega 3 to the food. Furthermore, there are no traces of fish flesh in the cat food.

Even though the product contains some amount of non—GMO soy protein, it does not have corn or wheat.

5.     I and Love and You – Naked Essentials Chicken and Duck

If your hedgehog has low energy, then you need food that has high protein content in it. One such product is the I and Love, and You cat food. This contains a variety of roots that provides you hedgehog with the much-needed carbohydrate.

Your hedgehog receives omega 3 from the presence of flaxseeds. This cat food also contains a high amount of minerals, vitamins, and probiotics.

The guide mentions the chicken and duck flavor for the cat food. However, you will also find the trout and salmon flavor for this product. None of the flavors contain artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or GMO products.

6.     Rachael Ray Nutrish – Indoor Complete Chicken, Lentils, and Salmon

The brand provides three flavors for this product – Chicken, Lentils, and Salmon; Turkey, Chickpeas, and Salmon; Chicken, Chickpeas, and Salmon.

Each of the ingredients present in the product is of high quality. You will find not added preservatives, colors, and flavors in the cat food. They contain added vegetables, roots, and fruits that are a source of minerals and vitamins.

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The cat food has Omega 3 content from the salmon and flaxseeds. You will also find high fiber content which is essential for your hedgehog. The cat food contains cornmeal which is GMO-free.

In this product, the fat content is low, but the calorie content is high.

7.     Solid Gold – Katz-N-Flocken

The guide already contains cat food manufactured by Solid Gold. The Katz-N-Flocken cat food mentioned here has a high amount of probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and omega 3.

The cat food has added herbs and fruits, which are beneficial for your hedgehog.

Katz-N-Flocken features a lamb and brown rice recipe. Despite so many essential nutrients, cat food has a low amount of fiber in it.

To ensure that your hedgehog gets proper fiber content, you will have to combine this cat food with another one. However, you must measure the quantity properly, so you do not overfeed any other nutrients to your hedgehog.

8.     Blue Buffalo – BLUE™ Mature Indoor Hairball Control Chicken & Brown Rice

Another product of the Blue Buffalo brand is the indoor hairball control cat food. This cat food contains the exclusive LifeSource Bits® of the brand. These bits are nuggets that have antioxidants combines with vitamins and minerals.

Like other Blue Buffalo products that are reviewed earlier, this is also cold-pressed instead of hard-treated. Due to this, each of its ingredients can retain its nutritional value.

This cat food is low in protein, which is good if you focus on managing your hedgehog’s protein intake. It also has a standard amount of fiber along with omega 3 from the flaxseeds.

9.     Rachael Ray Nutrish – Zero Grain Chicken & Potato

Are you searching for the right cat food that will help your hedgehog gain weight? The zero grain chicken and potato recipe from Rachael Ray Nutrish is a perfect choice.

The cat food has zero added flavors, colors, and preservatives. It contains chicken along with a small quantity of fish mean. Other ingredients present in the cat food are pumpkin, peas, and flax seeds. Both omega 3 and fiber are found in moderate quantities.

The product has a high-level calorie content. On the other hand, you will find fat and protein at moderate levels. This is great if you want your hedgehog to gain way healthily.

10.                       Diamond Naturals – Indoor Cat Chicken & Rice

Just like cat foods for gaining weight, you will also find cat foods for losing weight. The chicken and rice recipe from Diamond Naturals provides necessary nutrients that help your hedgehog lose excess weight.

It contains high-quality chicken combined with vegetables, roots, kelp, chia seeds, and fruits. The chia seeds enhance the fiber content in the cat food.

Additionally, the presence of flax in cat food makes it rich in omega 3. Apart from that, you will also find good levels of probiotics and antioxidants.

Even in this cat food, the calorie level is quite high, whereas the fat and protein levels are moderate.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cat Food For Your Hedgehog

By now, you are already familiar with the different cat food brands that you can choose for your hedgehog. But how do you determine if the said brand is the right choice?

Hedgehogs like to eat, so you need to be very cautious when choosing food for them. Below are certain parameters that you need to follow to ensure that you make the right choice.

Opt For Dry Cat Food

You get dry cat food and wet cat food. While both are suitable for cats, you should always choose dry cat food for your hedgehog.

Dry cat food has more nutritional value as opposed to wet cat food. The protein content in dry cat food is high, around 30 to 40%, which is what your hedgehog needs.

If you want to develop a healthy dietary regime for your hedgehog, you should avoid wet cat food at all costs. Even though you use more dry cat food, the money you spend is nothing when your hedgehog’s health is in concern.

Select Indoor Dry Cat Biscuits

Indoor dry cat biscuits have low-fat content. These biscuits are made for cats that stay indoors and do not have an active life. The same goes for your pet hedgehog since they do not use much energy.

Wild hedgehogs tend to burn a good amount of calories since they have a fairly active life. However, pet hedgehogs stay most of the time indoors and involve in very few activities.

Feeding non-indoor cat food to your hedgehog will only make them obese. This is because the fat content in non-indoor cat food is very high and only suitable for a highly active pet.

Choose Low-Fat Content

As already stated in the above parameter, you need to choose a food that has a low-fat content. Your pet hedgehog may spend a lot of time on its running wheel, but that is not enough activity.

Even though fat is essential, too much fat will disrupt the health of your hedgehog. Do not go for food products that have more than 10% to 15% fat content.

If your hedgehog gets a high amount of fat, they will become obese. This will put their health at risk, and this is not something you want. It can also cause fatty liver, which shortens the lifespan of your pet hedgehog.

Choose Moderate Protein Amount

Protein intake is important for your hedgehog but in a safe amount. The recommended limit of protein is 40%, and it is best not to cross this. Choose cat food that has protein within this limit.

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Wild hedgehogs eat insects and other food elements that are high in protein content. However, most of these have around 50% to 65% water which removes the excess protein.

This is not the same with pet hedgehogs. The cat food you give them will have pure protein and no water content. That is why you need to ensure that they have the right amount of protein that your hedgehog can benefit from.

Choose Poultry-Based Cat Food

When choosing cat food for hedgehogs, it is best to choose the ones that are poultry-based. This means to opt for cat food that has turkey or chicken meat in them. The meat in chicken or turkey is lean and has the right amount of protein.

It is best to avoid pork-based cat food since the meat is salty and fatty. This is not good for your hedgehog. The same goes for fish-based cat food that has salmon or tuna.

Some cat food products are a mixture of chicken, salmon, and other vegetables. This can be a good choice since they get the combined nutrients from different ingredients.

Choose Cat Food That Is Suitable For Hedgehogs

There are many different types of cat food in the market, and not every one of them is suitable for your pet hedgehog. Even all dry cat food products are not the right choice.

You need to find out which cat foods are suitable and healthy for your hedgehog. The best way to do this is to check the ingredients and nutritional value of the products.

Avoid food products that have corn, peas, and peanuts in them. Most vegetables are good for your hedgehog but ensure that they are non-GMO ingredients. You should also stay away from ingredients that have phosphorous content in them.

Be Cautious About Cat Food with Additional Ingredients

Several manufacturers provide additional ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. While this is not an issue for cats, the additional ingredients can be problematic for your hedgehog.

You will find many cat foods with additional vegetables and fruits. They are a good nutritional source for your hedgehog. However, you need to check which nutrient they are providing and in what quantity.

Suppose your chosen cat food has additional Vitamin A content. You should not feed your hedgehog any other food items with Vitamin A content in such a scenario. This is because an excessive amount of Vitamin A can lead to toxic kidneys and liver in your hedgehog.

Avoid Milk Content in Cat Food

You will find many manufacturers adding milk to their cat food. Milk is given to enhance the growth of kittens. However, this is harmful to your hedgehog and should be avoided.

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, and if you feed them milk-based food every day, they will suffer from stomach issues.

It is always advisable to check the product’s ingredients before you buy it for your pet hedgehog. Do not feed them anything that could cause health issues or put them at serious risk.

Fiber Content Is Essential

Having fiber in your hedgehog’s food is mandatory. Fiber helps build up their stools so they can pass easily. If your hedgehog cannot pass stool properly, it could cause serious health risks. They may even have to get operated on the stool becomes hard.

The fiber intake should always be done through the cat food. This means the cat food you buy should have proper fiber content.

You do not have to feed them supplements of any kind to provide this fiber. Unlike humans, supplements are not suitable for hedgehogs. No matter which ingredients you want to provide them, it should be done through the food they take.

Feeding Pattern of Cat Food

The best way to feed your hedgehog is the mixed feeding pattern. Here you can mix two or three feeds that you find suitable.

Many owners keep a base feed while they add the other two for variety. This also enhances the nutritional value of the feed.

You can also choose to mix all two or three feeds in equal amounts. This way, any nutrient lacking in one feed will be made up by the other one.

For an easy feeding process, you can mix one big batch and store it. Ensure that you store the mixture in an airtight container. You can keep providing the feed when needed and not mix them every time.

Summing Up

The guide tells you about the best cat foods for Hedgehogs that can help you feed your pet. Not only do you now know about different cat foods, but you also know the parameters to choose them.

You should always keep track of the feeding time. This will help you measure the weight and food intake of your hedgehog every day.

Choosing the right cat food will help your hedgehog lead a healthy life. Look at the different options present in the market before you make your choice.

After thorough research, choose the one you feel is the most suitable for your beloved pet hedgehog!