Can Hedgehogs Eat Baby Food? (Is It Good For Them?)

If you consider yourself someone who knows everything about the perfect hedgehog diet, then it is high time you re-evaluate! Hedgehogs, as pets, require quite a lot of attention and care from the owners.

But on the bright side, they can be good company and can keep you occupied and active by giving you a good run after them when they are supposed to be having their everyday meals.

As entertaining as it gets, it can also be quite a challenge, considering the food options available for hedgehogs. Every food that you can think of has to be researched and evaluated to make sure that the foods can be consumed by hedgehogs and are considered healthy for them.

Hedgehogs and Nutrition:

Hedgehogs are insectivores, and hence, most of the pet food available in markets is not nutritious enough for them. Here comes the question of baby food; baby food is said to have quite a lot of nutrition for babies.

Since babies have a delicate digestive system and share a similarity of a delicate chewing system with hedgehogs, baby food is often seen as an option for hedgehogs. But is baby food nutritious enough for your hedgehog?

Hedgehogs and Baby Food:

Baby food can be quite an attraction for your hedgehogs. They look ideal and seem to be the perfect snack that does not require much effort. But the research around this says something quite different.

Baby food is high in proteins and other nutrients, which means that they contain additional nutrients which are not needed by your pets and can affect their digestive system.

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Baby food contains high levels of fats, which means that it is bad for the hedgehog’s cholesterol level. Cholesterol level maintenance is very important. A high level of cholesterol can lead to serious heart problems causing illness and fatigue, which can impact the hedgehog’s activity rate and the way it performs throughout the day.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Baby Food? Baby food cannot be given to hedgehogs as a meal, but that does not mean that you cannot give it sometimes in small amounts.

Hedgehogs enjoy being treated to baby food. Most hedgehog owners like to treat their pets with baby food once in a while because the nutrition in baby food is more than enough to last them for a week.

Most hedgies are given baby food daily only when underweight and are advised to gain weight by a doctor. Baby food can help your pet gain the weight it requires because of the high levels of proteins and cholesterol that the baby food contains.

Baby foods are available in different flavors in the market, and we can easily say that we should try and test the flavor our hedgehog likes the most.

Most hedgehogs, in general, are unfamiliar with the taste of sweet foods and try avoiding them. For such pets, it is advised that you reward them with flavors with vegetables or the essence of lean meat to make sure that the hedgehog is familiar with the flavor and enjoys eating it.

How do I know If Baby Food Is a Good Treat?

The dos and don t’s of the perfect diet plan for your hedgehog can be quite overwhelming. Conclusively, hedgehogs are given baby food as treats in small quantities to ensure that the hedgehogs are happy and healthy.

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Hedgehog owners have to pay special attention to the diet and especially the treats of their hedgehogs. The treats have to be observed and regulated very strictly. The regulation is made because the treats have an impact on the digestive system of the hedgie.

Treats are often initiated in small amounts and then observed over time to find out how they impact your pets’ dietary needs. It is important to observe how your hedgehog responds to baby food and regulate its diet accordingly.

Do hedgehogs eat baby food?” Yes, they can, and yes, they do. But we have to regulate the consumption of them in our pets’ daily meals. Regulation is made because hedgehogs, in general, are not familiar with the taste of sugars and avoid sugars as treats because they are not inclined towards them.

Some hedgehogs do like sugars as treats in small amounts and can be fed baby food occasionally as a treat to satisfy their cravings. It must, however, be noted that you must regulate the feeding of apples. If you plan on treating your hedgehogs with apples more than often, then make sure you incorporate baby food with other balanced, diet-controlled foods so that your hedgehog gets a balanced diet.