Can Hedgehogs Eat Broccoli? (They Can!)

Broccoli is a very controversial vegetable. It is loved by some and hated by quite a few (more than a few if we include babies). They are green vegetables which are healthy for our digestive system and for keeping our bodies stronger.

They might not be the best vegetables available in terms of taste, but they are the best in terms of the quality of nutrients. Since broccoli is a green vegetable, they are full of nutrition and serve as an integral part of numerous diets, specifically associated with people who want to work on weight loss or associated with people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Broccoli

Broccoli is considered an important green vegetable for humans, but does that apply to hedgehogs too?

Can hedgehogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can!

Can they eat them as part of their daily meals, or can they be considered treats along with their meals once in a while? All of these questions are equally important and must be addressed. Please continue to read this article for a better insight on whether your hedgehogs can eat broccoli or not.

Green Vegetables For a Green (Read: Healthy) Life?

Broccoli is considered as part of the family of greens in vegetables. It is known for providing high amounts of energy due to the number of nutrients it includes.

Broccoli has the following nutrients present in it, which are as follows:

We can decipher from the list given above that broccoli is rich in all nutrients that a hedgehog needs to stay healthy. Broccolis has a balanced combination of the healthiest ingredients that a hedgehog needs and the ingredients considered as treats for your hedgies.

They contain fiber and sugar in the highest amount. Although we see carbs and fats in the nutrients, list their proportion in percentage is quite low.

Will my hedgehogs’ gut benefit from the high fiber?

Yes, it will! Hedgehogs need high fiber to ensure that they have a strong gut and can digest the food they are given properly. Fiber helps in maintaining the immune system of the hedgehogs and is a source of energy in hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs benefit from the provision of a high-fiber diet. Fibers can help the hedgehogs in maintaining their weight. Fiber content ensures that the digestive system performs its tasks smoothly.

Consequently, the hedgehog will neither gain much weight nor will it lose much weight. Since hedgehogs are generally classified as insectivores, they need extra fiber to break down the vitamins which are not soluble enough for their stomach.

The fiber is responsible for ensuring that the hedgehog does not feel any pain during its food digestion.

Broccoli as sugary treats for my hedgie?

Generally, hedgehogs have a very complicated relationship with sugars. Most hedgehogs do not prefer eating sugar because they do not like the taste of it.

On the other hand, some hedgehogs might like consuming sugars and will keep on asking for more. It would be best to remember that sugars are considered junk foods for hedgehogs and must be kept away from them.

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They should only be given in small proportions as part of a treat once in a while to ensure that their addiction is satisfied. Consumption of excessive sugars in hedgehogs can lead to obesity and blood sugar problems in hedgehogs.

It would be best if you remembered that both of these could turn out to be huge problems for your hedgehogs, so try avoiding sugars as part of meals and only allow them for your hedgehogs once in a while.

However, in broccoli, sugars are present with the combination of many other beneficial nutrients; hence it is advised that you can feed your pets with broccoli without being concerned about the high sugar content present in them.

The high sugar content is easily balanced out by other rich nutrients, making broccoli a beneficial ingredient that you can incorporate in your hedgehogs’ meals.

How should I feed my hedgehog broccoli?

You can feed your hedgehog broccoli easily by boiling it and mashing it up for your hedgehog. You must always remember that hedgehogs have small and delicate mouths and cannot chew on hard food difficult to bite.

The difficulty and resulting pain are why it is advised that you boil your broccoli enough to make sure that it is soft and mash it up for your hedgie. The food is mashed up to make the chewing and the digesting process easier for your hedgie.

Happy eating!