Can Hedgehogs Eat Cabbage?

Hedgehogs like consuming fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Many hedgehog owners have witnessed their hedgehog liking and adapting to homegrown and homemade meals rather than the preserved meals available in the market.

Hedgehogs need to have a strictly healthy diet to their sensitive digestive and immunity system. Hence, when we are picking foods that we can feed to our hedgehogs, we need to think about all the nutrients present in the vegetable and evaluate them based on the dietary needs of the hedgehogs.

cabbage leafs

Can hedgehogs eat cabbage? Yes, they can.

But again, we need to research how often we can give our hedgehogs cabbage as part of their meals.

We need to research the classification of cabbage in a hedgehog’s diet, that is, if cabbage is junk food or can be categorized as foods that can be provided to your hedgehog daily without you fearing that the food you are providing to your hedgehog might harm its health or its digestive system.

Nutrients In Cabbage:

Cabbage contains a high amount of nutrients, some of which are essential in the growth of your hedgehog. Some of the essential nutrients present in cabbage are as follows:

  • Calories
  • Proteins
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Folate
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin B6

Hedgehogs need a diet that contains high amounts of proteins and fiber. Both of these nutrients are essential for the growth of a hedgehog.

Proteins make sure that your hedgehog has a strong immunity system. Proteins directly impact the stamina that your hedgehog has. Hedgehogs need to have strong bones and need to have maintained eyesight.

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For this purpose, the vitamins and the proteins present in the cabbage are very important in your hedgehog’s diet.

Cabbage contains a high level of fiber. Fiber is really important for your hedgehog’s digestive system. It makes sure that all the food is digested smoothly and that there are no complications when your hedgehog starts pooping.

A high fiber consumption will help in making the digestion process easier for your hedgehog. It will also help ensure that the meal cycle that your hedgehog has to be followed is fulfilled because the hedgehog will have digested its food on time.

How Often Should You Feed Your Hedgehog Cabbage?

You can feed your hedgehog around a tablespoon of cabbage. The cabbage needs to be washed to ensure no dirt or pesticides present on the cabbage leaves. Never forget to dice the cabbage into small, tiny pieces. A hedgehog has a very small mouth and needs softened food.

You can feed cabbage to your hedgehog three or at the most four times a week.