Can Hedgehogs Eat Celery? Is It Toxic For Them?

Celery is often used in salads around the world and is considered a staple for people who are diet conscious. Humans enjoy adding it as a side to their main course meals and enjoy consuming it for starters.

Celery as hedgehog diet

But can hedgehogs eat celery? No, your hedgehog cannot eat Celery.

There are countless researched reasons why Celery is considered a hazardous food for hedgehogs. Hazardous food means it is considered food that must not be given to hedgehogs at any cost and must be kept far away.

The category hazard means that the hedgehog can potentially fall sick and face serious health issues if they consume hazardous foods.

Why Hedgehogs Must Not Be Fed Celery:

There are several reasons why Celery is not a healthy food option for hedgehogs. Some researchers say that Celery contains the following nutrients:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Beta Carotene
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Flavonoids

Why is Vitamin C Harmful?

Vitamin C is usually harmful to hedgehogs. It is considered harmful because of the high alkalizing rate of the vitamin. Alkaline foods can cause harmful reactions in the stomach and can lead to various harmful gastric diseases.

Gastric diseases are very harmful to the hedgehog. They can result in the hedgehog avoiding food consumption at all.

The avoidance of consumption is a result of the damage acids cause to the digestive system. The loss of diet results in loss of activity in the hedgehogs.

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Loss of diet and loss of energy can deteriorate hedgehogs’ health further and make them underweight, causing more health issues

The High Content Of sodium In Celery:

Celery contains a high proportion of sodium. The high proportion of sodium indicates the high amount of salt present in Celery is very high. Higher than what is recommended for hedgehogs.

It would be best if you avoided salt at all costs for hedgehogs, instead you can give your hedgie cabbage which is considered as healthy for them.

Salt can cause serious gastric and digestive problems in hedgehogs. Salt is considered a health hazard and has infected hedgehogs who have been fed salts.

Some owners mistook hedgehogs licking their sweaty face and palm to sign that their hedgehog likes salt and wants to consume it. The assumption is a very common misconception and must be corrected right there and then.

There have been many types of research, and quite a lot of experiments have been carried out to find out if hedgehogs have a zero tolerance for salt.

All studies concluded that hedgehogs could not tolerate salts in any form, and their health is highly affected when they consume salts in any form.

What Problems Can Digestive Irritation Cause?

A digestive irritation causes gastrointestinal infections in hedgehogs. They are considered quite dangerous because they can easily transfer from the hedgehogs to their owners.

It is advised to protect your pet from infection at all costs. Still, if such a situation arises, you should try to keep your distance from the hedgehog and take it to a doctor when you realize that your pet has digestive irritation.

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Digestive irritations indicate that there are parasites and bacteria present in the hedgehogs’ bodies.

Antibiotics can also shorten the life span of the digestive system. The harmful side effect indicates that to keep your pet active and running around for years, you need to make sure that you keep your pet away from toxic food that can damage its digestive system.

The digestive system can be damaged due to the bacteria and then due to the high dose of medicine your pet has to consume to get healthy and active again. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so avoid feeding your hedgehog with any hazardous food.