Can Hedgehogs Eat Chicken? (How To Prepare)

Are you a health-conscious hedgehog owner? If yes, then you must be very concerned about what your hedgehog consumes. A hedgehog’s diet is a very integral part of their life. A hedgehog’s diet determines how active the hedgehog will be and how healthy it will be within its lifespan.

Hedgehog commercial food is not readily available and is not used by many hedgehog owners worldwide. The non-availability of hedgehog food is because hedgehogs are rarely kept as pets.

roasted chicken

Here comes the question of including our daily life foods into a hedgehog’s diet. Can we include the foods that we consume in our hedgehog’s diet?

In this article, we are particularly talking about chicken.

The first question is can hedgehogs eat chicken? Yes, they can eat chicken.

But there are a few rules that you need to stick by when you give your hedgehogs home-cooked meals. The following article has all the answers you need to know before incorporating chicken into your hedgehogs’ diet; happy reading!

What Variant of Chicken Do Hedgehogs Eat?

Hedgehogs should be given lean and properly cooked chicken as part of their meals. Any variant of chicken can work as a perfect meal for your hedgehog.

Why Should I Provide My Hedgehog-cooked Chicken?

The primary reason for feeding your hedgehog cooked chicken is to reduce the amount of fat present in the chicken. When we cook chicken, the amount of extra fat present on the chicken can make the hedgehog obese, melts away. The degeneration of fat results in overall less fat content in the chicken.

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Another reason why hedgehogs are provided with cooked lean chicken is because of their sensitivity and smallmouth. Hedgehogs are very small in size. Their size reflects the size of their digestive and immunity systems too.

A hedgehog’s small mouth can make it extremely difficult for the hedgehog to digest and consume foods that are hard to chew on. Since raw chicken is very hard to chew on, You must not give it to your hedgehog to ensure that it does not hurt its mouth. If you are interested you can read more about do hedgehogs eat eggs?

How Do I Cook The Chicken For My Hedgehog?

Start by removing the skin from the piece of chicken you are serving to your hedgehog. Skin removal is a very important step that people often forget. The skin contains quite a lot of fats. We are already aware of how extra fats affect your hedgehog’s health. Hence, remove the skin from the piece of chicken before you cook it for your hedgie.

Do not season the chicken at all. Seasonings are not beneficial in your hedgehog’s diet and can potentially cause a stomach bug. Ensure that you avoid all seasonings and any oils while cooking your chicken. Oils are harmful to your hedgehog, too, and can ruin their health.


You can serve chicken to your hedgehog as part of their everyday meals. To ensure that the hedgehog gets the maximum amount of nutrition from the chicken, remove the chicken’s skin, do not season it, and do not add any oils.

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