Can Hedgehogs Eat Crickets?

Taking care of your pet can be quite an ordeal sometimes. Chances are that you are struggling with figuring out whether they really can eat something or whether it will harm them. Especially with a hedgehog, there is so much confusion around what to eat!

Can hedgehogs eat crickets? If you are looking to understand whether hedgehogs can eat crickets or not, you are certainly at the right place. Although, one thing to keep in mind is that every single one of these cute and spiny mammals is different when it comes to their tastes and preferences.

cricket on the tree

Thus, what might work for one hedgehog could essentially cause problems for another. Read along to find out whether you really should be feeding your hedgehog crickets. If not, let us take a look at all of your other options!

A Hedgehog And Its’ Diet

As you must know, hedgehogs are insectivores. This means that their diet and food seldom include insects. Not only that, but most hedgehogs seem to quite like devouring insects as a snack. Some of us live with the assumption that their dietary requirements are very different from ours.

You will be surprised to know that hedgehogs, too, essentially need a balanced and nutritional diet. Like us, they have a lot of different bodily functions that need to be carried out naturally.

Hedgehogs are accustomed to living in wild open spaces. When it comes to the wilderness, their most beloved food is wild insects. Besides that, they sometimes also eat some plants and very occasionally like to feast upon different mice.

Crickets might have gotten the warning bells ringing for you, and you are worried whether hedgehogs can eat crickets. Rest assured that hedgehogs certainly and definitely can eat crickets. They tend to like them a lot. One thing to remember here is that the most frequent time for a hedgehog to eat their meals is at night.

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Do not be surprised if your hedgehog is suddenly full of energy and has a certain glint in its eyes at night. Crickets, as well as other worms and gut-loaded insects, can be fed to them without any hindrance whatsoever. Still, it is highly recommended to consult your veterinarian before doing so.

Are The Raised Crickets Better Food For Your Hedgehog?

Crickets are so much more than those insects we are used to that make sounds in the night. You might think that the process of feeding them crickets is quite straightforward. However, there are a few things to take care of.

Firstly, anything more or less than the recommended and natural amount will surely lead to health-related issues. Make sure to decide the number of crickets that you will be feeding your hedgehogs beforehand.

This may sound a little bizarre, but the history of cricket itself is of utmost importance. For instance, you must know everything there is to know about their own food diet and the places that they reside in.

If crickets raised in the wilderness make way into a hungry hedgehog’s tummy, then there are chances of your hedgehog becoming exposed to several parasites, toxins, and bacteria. All of these come with their own complications, so it is best to steer clear of them.

The bottom line is to look for crickets that were essentially raised as feeders themselves. This will also make sure that your pet receives the complete and whole diet it certainly needs. Any nutrients, energy, and food values passed onto them will be beneficial in the long run.

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Can Hedgehogs Eat Live Crickets?

If your hedgehog frowns at the name of exercise and physical activities, they are not going to enjoy chasing after crickets. In some cases, though, this can be the perfect opportunity to get them out and about and indulge in a little game of treasure hunt.

If you really want to try feeding them live crickets, make sure to accommodate a hedgehog house or a feeding station to trap them. The perfect solution to this, though, are live crickets. You can get them almost anywhere!

These are crickets that have been killed or pre-stunned so that your hedgehog does not have to do a lot of strenuous exercises. After that, you could also freeze the crickets inside your freezer for a certain number of hours.

What this does, is make it easier for the hedgehogs to consume them.

Some Tips About Crickets

  • What you should do is start off slow. Feed them five or six crickets and see how they react to it first before moving forward.
  • If you are extremely worried about storing them, the best solution is to get a tiny aquarium.
  • Make sure to clean and drain the water once a week!

Summing Up

Now not only do you have the answer to, can hedgehogs eat crickets, but you also know how nutritional crickets can be for your hedgehogs and their diet. It is time to bring a few home and see how they like it! Hopefully, this will get them up and running in no time as well.