Can Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food?

Taking care of a hedgehog is a very attentive job. You have to look after every aspect – from cleanliness to diet to health. Many people have more than one pet. They wonder if they can feed the same food to all or some of them.

If you’re wondering can hedgehogs eat dog food, then the answer is yes. You can feed dog food to your hedgehog, but only after proper examination and research. There are many types of dog foods.

Let us take a closer look at all of them and see if they can be fed to your hedgehog. You cannot afford to make any mistake with your little pet.

What Is In Dog Food?

The composition of dog food varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, there is a basic or common composition of dog food. Dog food usually contains meat by-products, poultry, and seafood as the base.

Additionally, it can contain cereals, grains, and corn. Next up, it contains synthesized vitamins and minerals. Preservatives and stabilizers are a must. In most dog food, you’ll also find additional gelling agents.

Dog food can also contain taste enhancers like flavors, yeast, fat, or sweeteners. But again, this is just a rough list of the possible constituents of dog food. They vary greatly among different manufacturers.

What Are The Effects Of Dog Food On Hedgehogs?

There are no proven special benefits of dog food for hedgehogs. Dogs and hedgehogs are two different animals with entirely different dietary requirements. Dog food usually contains seafood, which a hedgehog should strictly abstain from eating.

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Another major component of some dog food products is corn and other grains. These grains are extremely difficult for hedgehogs to digest. A portion of food with a high grain level can cause digestive problems to your hedgehog.

Other important component of dog food to examine are fat and protein. Dog food has high fat and low protein. Whereas a hedgehog requires extremely low fat and high protein. High-fat food can cause obesity to your hedgehog.

Always look for the nutritional composition of the dog food. Always be sure if every ingredient is safe for your hedgehog or not.

Precautions To Be Taken While Feeding Dog Food To Hedgehogs

First, you have to find a suitable dog food that meets your requirements. Then, it must be safe for your hedgehog to have a taste of it. But, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

If you’re giving kibble or dry dog food to your hedgehog, you should break it down into smaller bits. A kibble is too big and hard for a hedgehog to consume as a whole. Breaking it down makes it easier for your hedgehog to eat it.

Should A Hedgehog Eat Dog Food?

We understand that you care a lot about your hedgehog. Maybe you also have a dog and want to find out if both can eat the same food. Maybe you’re just curious and probably heard that hedgehogs could eat cat food.

Looking for every individual element of dog food is not the best thing to do all day. It will take you a lot of time to figure out if it is safe for your lovely pet to eat dog food. Even if you go through most of the ingredients, there is no guarantee.

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There are a lot of people that have successfully fed dog food to their hedgehogs. But this also depends on the individual hedgehog. The smarter and wiser option should be to give your hedgehog the food made for that little being.

If you really care about your hedgehog, then you shouldn’t try dog food.

What Should A Hedgehog Eat?

There are many brands that make food exclusively for hedgehogs. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything. You know that the food is made for your lovely pet from start to end.

Other than this, you can try various fruits that hedgehogs commonly like. This should be necessary to change the taste from regular food to some fresh fruits every now and then.

If you don’t want to take any chances, then call the place where you got your pet from. They will tell you what your pet usually eats and what it is allergic to.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hedgehogs can eat dog food. Although, it is not at all advised to feed dog food to your hedgehog. You should always check the ingredients of the food you give your pet the first time.