Can Hedgehogs Eat Dubia Roaches?

If you own a pet hedgehog, chances are that you spend most of your day looking up some of the weirdest questions on the internet. Hedgehogs are so intriguing, aren’t they? You can never truly know what is up with them.

One more area where the struggle is extremely specific is their diet. When it comes to their diet, no amount of caution can be enough. Their bodies are extremely sensitive to a lot of different food items; therefore, all of their ingredients must be thoroughly inspected.

dubia roaches

What about Dubia Roaches? Can hedgehogs eat Dubia Roaches? Let us take a look at whether these insects are safe for your pet. If yes, how much and what kind? Fret not! Here are the answers to all your questions.

Hedgehog Dubia Roach Diet – Things You Need To Know

Here is the bottom line. Hedgehogs are mainly omnivorous animals. However, due to their body compositions and lifestyle, a majority of their diet consists of insects. If you are depriving them of the same, then chances are that you will land yourself into trouble.

It should be ensured that your hedgehog gets to eat everything they are accustomed to and enjoy eating. However, every hedgehog has a different temperament and relationship with its food. You must altercate your approaches according to these.

While some hedgehogs might consume whatever you give them instantly, with others, it will take a lot longer just to introduce the idea of eating insects every day. Therefore, make sure that you give each of them the space they require.

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Let Us Look At Dubia Roaches

You are lucky if you can get your hands on a few of these roaches because they are perhaps the best insects for your hedgehog after crickets. This is because Dubia Roaches have extremely low-fat content, which is exactly what your pet needs.

This means that not only do they get a meal filled with nutritional value, but they also get the chance to eat something they love. Doesn’t this sound like a win-win? Besides low fat, they are also high in fiber, calcium, and protein.

Things To Look Out For

There is something you need to be extra careful about when feeding Dubia Roaches to a hedgehog. These roaches are conditioned to living in tropical areas. Therefore, breeding and storing them will certainly require a minimum temperature of 68 Degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s more, is that you should also pay attention to feeding the roaches themselves. The best thing to do is feeding them 24 hours in advance of your hedgehog’s meal. This is probably the greatest way to ensure it is getting all of the nutritional content it needs to go about its day.

Lastly, make sure you store them safely because Dubia Roaches are known to love playing games of hide and seek.

Summing Up

Safe to say, that the answer to your question, can hedgehogs eat Dubia Roaches, is a yes! Hedgehogs eat Dubia Roaches without any problems. While they are at it, you could also whip out your phone and snap a few adorable pictures of them. Bon Appetit!

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