Can Hedgehogs Eat Mango? ( And How Often)

Who does not love mangoes? Mangoes are regarded as the king of all fruits and are enjoyed by both humans and animals. Other pets might love consuming mangoes, but can we say the same for hedgehogs? Can hedgehogs eat mango? If they can, how often should they be given mangoes and in what quantity?

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Hedgehog diet is very complicated and demands extensive and detailed research. Do not worry; you do not have to skim through different articles to look for answer. Keep reading the article to find answers to all of the questions you might have in your mind about hedgies and mangoes.

Can My Hedgehog Eat Mangoes?

Yes, hedgehogs can eat mangoes. But there are certain rules and restrictions that we have to think of before we feed our hedgehogs mangoes. Hedgehogs have a very controlled diet. They must avoid junk foods at all costs. Any food that has extra nutrition than what is needed by your hedgehog is categorized as junk foods.

In this article, we will discuss which category mangoes fall into. We will also be discussing the number of times mangoes can be given to your hedgehog and in what form should they be presented to your pet. Happy reading!

Nutrition in Mangoes That Hedgehogs need:

Mangoes contain a fair proportion of proteins and fibre. Both of these nutrients are essential for the growth of a hedgehog and work in keeping the hedgehog healthy while giving it the stamina to run around and perform its activities without getting tired until its next meal.

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But we must not forget that mangoes have a very high sugar content too. A mango, on average, contains at least twenty-four grams of sugar. The proportion of sugar in mangoes is too high and is very harmful to hedgehogs.

Why Should my Hedgehog Avoid Sugars?

Sugars are harmful to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs should not have sugar in their diet in a higher quantity because of the harmful diseases it can cause to the hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have a higher risk of getting obese and have a high blood sugar level when given a high quantity of sugars.

The risk of obesity arises due to the small size of a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are very small in size and hence have a very digestive and immune system. The small systems make it very hard for the hedgehog to process food that does not lie according to their dietary needs.

Obesity can cause many diseases in hedgehogs. It can disrupt the working of the digestive system in hedgehogs. High blood sugar levels can lead to heart diseases, which can cause shortening in a hedgehog’s life span. We can treat high blood sugar levels in hedgehogs, but the treatment can be immense pain to hedgehogs.

How Should I Give My Gedgehogs Mangoes?

You should give mangoes as treats to your hedgehogs. They are categorized as junk food and should be given once or twice a month, depending on how often you treat your hedgehog.

Ensure that the mango has been washed properly and that the skin has been removed carefully. Hedgehogs cannot consume a mango’s skin at all. Mango skin can cause choking in hedgehogs. Hedgehogs can hurt their mouth and oesophagus while trying to chew on mango skin. Hence, remove all the skin carefully before you feed your hedgehog a mango.

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Make sure that the mango is cut into small pieces. The tinier the pieces are, the better it is.

Happy mangolicious treat to your hedgehog!