Can Hedgehogs Eat Oranges?

Oranges are quite a treat to humans; they contain citrus and are full of vitamins and minerals that any person could want. But the human logic does not apply to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are built in quite different.They have different characteristics, and those different characteristics include the digestive systems and the hedgehogs’ immune systems.

Hedgehogs have a very sensitive digestive system and can be provided with meals containing specific foods that are good for them.

Do hedgehogs eat oranges?

Some foods can be provided to hedgehogs anytime and are considered part of a balanced healthy diet for them. Then, some foods are categorized as junk foods given to hedgehogs occasionally as a treat.

The last category for hedgehog foods are foods that are considered to be hazards for hedgehogs and their digestive system. Such foods are supposed to be kept as far away as they can be kept from your pets.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Oranges and Why It’s Not the Best Idea?

Hedgehogs cannot eat oranges! Citrus fruits might be good for most digestive systems, but they are not considered the best for hedgehogs. They have been categorized as hazards for hedgehogs of all kinds, whether they are wild or pets.

They are classified as hazards because hedgehogs have tiny stomachs. A tiny stomach leads to a very sensitive digestive system, which can be easily affected by foods that are not meant for the stomach to keep up.

Citrus fruits, quite obviously, as the name suggests, are highly acidic. They are foods that can cause gastric reactions in the stomach and can lead to gastric diseases. Since such diseases can be very painful for the hedgehogs, you should keep citrus out of reach of your hedgehog.

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Gastric illness can make the hedgehog’s digestive system weak and can even result in the hedgehog losing its diet and its activity count.

Loss of diet can result in the hedgehogs deteriorating health and can even make them underweight. Maintaining a hedgehog’s weight is already quite a complex and confusing job, but adding deteriorating health would make it even worse.

Orange Consumption In Hedgehogs and Its Impacts:

Apart from digestive diseases, which are too huge of a problem in themselves, Oranges can also give hedgehogs a sore mouth. A sore mouth makes consumption of food quite difficult.

But here is the deal, there are always two sides to a story. While citrus foods are considered toxic for hedgehogs, they don’t need to be toxic. Some hedgehog owners claim that they fed their hedgehogs oranges, and their health was not affected at all.

Some claimed that their hedgehogs liked oranges and enjoyed consuming them and asked for more. There were no side effects or any irregular or alarming activity in their mouths or their digestive systems. Some hedgehog owners also like to consider oranges as a treat for their pets.

They like feeding their pet with citrus fruits instead of other treats that are classified as junk foods.

They find this more effective than any other junk food present simply because their pet is conditioned to the fruit, and it obeys to commands put in front of it when citrus fruit is presented as a treat. The following statements mean that the consumption patterns work both ways.

Some owners complain that they lost their hedgehog due to a weak digestive system caused by the consumption of citrus fruits. Others claim that their hedgies had a sore mouth due to consumption of citrus fruits and could not eat anything for days even after treatments from renowned doctors and eventually died due to being underweight and having less food consumption.

The events stated above tell both sides of the stories. Some say oranges work, and some claim that oranges kill. Scientifically, it has been proven that citrus in any form and any kind is bad for hedgehogs and must be avoided at all costs.

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So is it worth taking such a huge risk to observe if your hedgehog and your hedgehog’s digestive system can tolerate citrus? It is advised to keep citrus fruits, specifically oranges, away from your hedgehogs. This way, they can be safe from the ifs and buts of what could be a potential hazard.

Choose wisely, folks!