Can Hedgehogs Eat Peaches?

We understand that having a pet hedgehog is a challenging job. It requires a lot of attention and care. To keep them healthy, you need to take care of their diet and nutrition. Are you wondering if your pet hedgehog can eat peaches or not?

Well, the answer is yes. Your hedgehog can eat peaches but only in a controlled amount. Whether or not your hedgehog can eat a peach depends on your pet’s suitability to that fruit. In general, it is safe for hedgehogs to consume peaches occasionally.

Peach is an exotic stone fruit that grows during summertime. It is yellow and juicy from the inside. The ideal peach season is May through September, where harvesting occurs in July and August.

Major components in a peach are carbohydrates, sugar, and fibres. It consists of various vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. Different micronutrients found in peach are Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and Iron.

What Are The Benefits Of Peaches For Hedgehogs?

Since peaches are rich in fibers, they help in regulating the digestive system of your hedgehog. An occasional diet of peaches can help your hedgehog in avoiding digestive irregularities.

Being extremely rich in Vitamin C, peaches help in maintaining healthy skin and stronger bones. Since hedgehogs are also mammals, they need various micronutrients for various processes inside their bodies. Peaches can be a very good source for the regulation of various micronutrients in your hedgehog’s body.

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However, the abundance of any of these substances can pose risks to your lovely pet’s health. Continue reading to know how many peaches your hedgehog should eat.

What Are The Risks Of Peaches For Hedgehogs?

Just like the benefits, there are risks also involved in feeding peaches to hedgehogs. Peaches contain a lot of water. This might seem like a good thing, which it is, but it can also become dangerous for your little pet.

Peaches being water-rich, can fill a hedgehog’s belly instantly. The nutrients that your hedgehog receives in a meal of peaches are less than the recommended diet. This can lead to malnutrition for your pet which you certainly don’t want.

Peaches are also rich in sugar. A high intake of sugar-rich food can cause obesity in a hedgehog. With obesity, there come so many other health problems.

How Many Peaches Should A Hedgehog Eat?

For humans, peaches as fruits are very healthy. You can eat as many as you want, without worrying about your health. The same is not true for a hedgehog. You need to moderate the number of peaches that your hedgehog eats.

In a single diet, you shouldn’t feed your hedgehog more than one teaspoon of peach pulp. Collectively, you shouldn’t feed more than three teaspoons a week of peaches to your hedgehog. This means you can only feed peaches to your hedgehog a maximum of three times a week.

Be careful about how much peaches your hedgehog eats. Keeping a check on it can save you and your cute little pet from many unforeseen problems.

Precautions To Be Taken While Feeding Peaches To Hedgehogs

There are many variations of peaches in the market. Your hedgehog may or may not be adaptable to the type of peach available to you. You can perform a little test to check how your pet hedgehog reacts to each variety of peach.

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Precaution is always better than cure.

First, you need to take a really small bit of peach pulp and feed it to your hedgehog. If your hedgehog doesn’t show any signs of allergy to the fruit in one day then it is safe to feed that peach to your pet.

If on the other hand, your spiny friend shows any reaction like itchy skin, diarrhea, sickness, nausea, or any digestive irregularity, then consult a vet immediately. This is a very uncommon case, but it is still possible.

So, always check before giving a proper amount of peach to your hedgehog the first time. Additionally, you should always wash the peaches properly and remove the stones and the skin.

Final Thoughts

You now know the benefits, risks, and measures of feeding this exotic fruit to your little pet. Always take precautions and remember that peaches are only meant to be given occasionally to your pet hedgehog.

Peaches can be both good and bad for your hedgehog, so take proper care when feeding your hedgehog. We hope your pet is able to enjoy the sweetness of peaches without getting sick.

If your pet consumes more than the right amount or shows an allergic reaction to peaches, consult a vet immediately.