Can Hedgehogs Eat Popcorn? (How often and How Many)

Movie nights and some popcorn, what more can a person ask on a relaxing night with no work. Popcorn is unarguably one of the most popular and most consumed food by people of all ages. They love munching on it while working or while doing some of their daily tasks. It is indeed quite difficult to stop consuming popcorns once you start since they are quite addictive and can keep you munching along to a TV show or a movie for hours.

popcorns and hedgehogs

Popcorns have now been associated with movie nights and TV show binge, and rightfully so. But can your hedgehogs enjoy their movie night meal along with you?

The hedgehog can enjoy your movie along with you and keep you company for the entire length of your movie, but will they be able to munch on your favorite snack.

Is it possible for you to host a movie night party with your hedgehog along with your favorite snacks? Here comes the question of “can hedgehogs eat popcorn?” it is the most asked question in the hedgehog, and the answers can be quite confusing because of the complexities of the hedgehog diet attached to it.

In this article, we try to answer most of your questions about this complex yet interesting query. Make sure you read the entire article to make the perfect and the most beneficial choice for your hedgie!

Movie Night With My Hedgehog and Popcorn?

Can I enjoy a movie night with my hedgehog? It is a relaxing night where we munch on snacks together and watch a movie or a show without running after each other around the house. The perfect movie night might not happen because my hedgehog is not motivated to keep sitting with me and decides to run around and seek the attention it is not being given at the moment?

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So, Can Hedgehogs Eat Popcorn?

The answer is YES; you can feed your hedgehog with a yummy popcorn snack and enjoy a movie night.

Congratulations! You now have company while watching your favourite movie and enjoying your favourite snack! But hold on; there is a catch. It sounds easy, but in reality, it is not. It would be best if you took some precautions and extra measures to ensure that your hedgehog gets to enjoy a good snack and a good movie night with you.

The precautions, if taken, can be healthy for the digestive system of your hedgehog. You must not forget that the hedgehog has a sensitive digestive system that demands quite a lot of nutrients promptly. Do not worry about finding nutritional values and consumption rates because we have got you covered!

How Often Can Hedgehogs Eat Popcorns, and How Many?

Your hedgehog can be fed popcorns only if they are plain with no sauces or flavors. You must also note that the popcorn must not contain any hull. Hull is hard and makes munching difficult for the hedgehog.

Hedgehogs have sensitive teeth and cannot chew on hard things easily. Chewing hull often leads to gum pain and stomach aches. Stomach aches can be caused by unchewed particles of the hull that the hedgehogs try to nibble down and gulp to avoid chewing them.

Hedgehogs require nutritional value, and unfortunately, popcorns do not have the nutritional value a hedgehog needs for their daily consumption. Hence, we can conclude that popcorns can’t be fed to hedgehogs in the form of a meal. The hedgehog community categorizes popcorns as junk food and suggests that human comfort food must always be given to hedgehogs as a small treat.

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Hedgehog owners, after observation of popcorn, treat on their hedgehog, claim that popcorns must not be given as a regular treat; in fact, they must be given quite occasionally in small quantities that the hedgehog can easily nibble on and enjoy. Ensure that there is no additional seasoning, no peppers, no spices to make the treat a better junk food option for your pet.

Hedgehogs are often seen enjoying popcorns, and they like to consume them as a treat. But as a responsible pet owner, you must know the limits to the treats your hedgehogs can consume and keep the treats at bay whenever needed.

Hedgehogs can be quite persistent when it comes to treats and foods. They refuse activity until the food or activity that they want to be done is presented in front of them. The same example works for popcorns, popcorns can be demanded by hedgehogs as treats often, but you must know when you should give the treats and keep the treats far away from your pet.

Many hedgehog owners try to condition their pets to ensure that they demand treats at a specific time during the month or after a specific activity has been completed. Observations justify how their activities have been conditioned. The key to a good diet is controlled treats.

You know what to do here, hedgie mothers and fathers! Happy movie night with your hedgie!