Can Hedgehogs Jump?

Hedgehogs are small animals distinguished by their spines, identified as quills. Hedgehogs joined dogs and cats as pet animals in several states because of their friendly nature. We wanted to know if these animals could jump because we didn’t know much about them.

Hedgehogs, like every other animal with legs, can jump, despite popular opinion. The peak at which a hedgehog can jump is solely determined by its size and age. Furthermore, the details surrounding a jump will evaluate how high a hedgehog could indeed jump. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that hedgehogs don’t have excellent depth perception and rarely jump.

How Far Can Hedgehogs Bounce?

Hedgehogs do generally not jump, but they do this as a defense mechanism when necessary. Hedgies screech and jump at things that make them feel uneasy, especially if they’re in a disturbing new environment.

When agitated or scared, hedgehogs can move 12-15 inches vertically and around 20 inches horizontally. Before jumping, they usually make a clicking sound.

What’s The Deal With Your Hedgehog Jumping?

If you attempted to handle your pet and it jumped out of your grasp, it may be one of the following:

• It is unfamiliar with its new surroundings.

• Hedgehog may be a nervous type.

• Your pet could be susceptible to loud noises and other disruptions.

• The female hedgehog could be pregnant, which explains its irritable behavior; after birth, the mothering instinct may kick in, allowing them to jump and keep an eye on their young.

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• They may be ill as a result of illness or disease.

Because hedgehogs typically jump once they feel intimidated or uncomfortable, you’re probably considering ways of making your hedgehog feel secure and relaxed.

How Can You Calm Your Hedgehog?

Trying to make your hedgehog happy is the key to keeping him calm. Even so, not that all hedgehogs, like cats and dogs, are easy to control. Remember that hedgehogs are innately driven to live in the wild, so relying on their disposition, some will enable you to retain them while others may be nervous. When your hedgehog is anxious, he would either jump or, even better, curl up.

You have several options to keep your hedgehog calm when it feels threatened. Because each hedgehog reacts differently, it’s critical to understand how the hedgehog people react before attempting any of the techniques.

Are The Hedgehogs Friendly?

Hedgehogs, such as humans, can be pretty friendly. When they are afraid, they show it.

When hedgehogs are defensive, they may jump, hiss, or curl up into a thorny ball.

Hedgehogs hiss and jump at objects in a frightening new environment. If you’ve just received a new hedgehog, don’t be surprised if it takes some time to adjust to you and its new surroundings.

Furthermore, hedgehogs can indeed be grumpy wakers. They’ll let you understand if you’re bothering them during the day when they’d rather sleep.


Hedgehogs are much more agile than they appear. They’re fit and can run for miles at night. They’ve been seen climbing walls, high elevations, and fences. They’re also good swimmers.

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Hedgehogs are excellent climbers, but they cannot scale vertical or spongy surfaces. You now understand how hedgehogs jump and climb. Have a good time connecting with your hedgie!