Do Hedgehogs Eat Ants? (Explained)

If you’re dealing with a hedgehog for the first time, chances are you have loads of queries about their diets. These tiny creatures have an affinity for insects and other invertebrates. However, do hedgehogs eat ants?

Hedgies are opportunistic omnivores that thrive on a diverse diet. In the wilderness, they may eat ants. However, it is not the best idea to feed your pet hedgehogs ants.

So, where does a hedgehog get its nutrients? What should a hedgehog’s diet consist of? Let us hop on to the next section to learn more about the eating habits of our furry friends.

What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

Different species of hedgehogs consume different diets. Some kinds are insectivores and survive primarily on small insects. Others are omnivores and can eat anything, such as plants, fungi, vertebrates, etc.

The common factor here is that all kinds of hedgies love insects. Thus, it is often helpful to keep a hedgehog in the garden.

However, hedgehogs can go without food for long periods if the need arises. In a controlled environment, a hedgehog can survive almost ten weeks without any food or water.

Overall, they are opportunistic eaters and can survive off whatever they find or catch. Moreover, they are immune to many toxins. It allows them to consume toxic creatures, such as snakes, scorpions, and beetles, without any harmful effects.

What Should You Feed Your Pet Hedgehog?

Pet hedgies need to be treated differently than strays. Hedgehogs dwelling in the wilderness can consume slugs, crickets, vegetables, ants, mealworms, fruits, snails, rats, and even earthworms.

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On the contrary, hedgehogs kept at home in captivity need a mix of fresh food and commercial meals for food.

An ideal diet for a pet hedgehog includes commercial hedgehog food, fresh fruits and vegetables, cat kibble, and a couple of crickets. If you cannot find crickets, you could substitute them with a few mealworms.

The markets have plenty of options for commercial foods designed specifically for hedgehogs. Such items contain an abundance of protein along with little fat.

Hedgehogs should typically get their food in the evening, and they tend to consume it by the morning. Moreover, you should only offer your hedgie as much food as it can consume overnight.

Providing extra food is not a good idea. If you want to increase or decrease your hedgehog’s diet, you should do so over time, not immediately.

The Final Verdict

All said and done, it isn’t about do hedgehogs eat ants but about whether or not they should. Ants are wild creatures with countless diseases and parasites. They could even injure or bite your hedgie while it’s trying to chew them up.

While hedgehogs can eat ants, it is not a good idea to let them do so. Instead, it would be best if you fed your pet with grasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, termites, etc.

Hedgies are opportunistic omnivores and will gobble up whatever you serve them. They like to consume soft-bodied insects but can also stomach fresh fruits and vegetables.