Do Hedgehogs Eat Apples? (Are They Toxic or Safe?)

If you consider yourself a hedgehog fan, then it is high time you re-evaluate! Hedgehogs, as pets, require quite a lot of attention and care from the owners. But on the bright side, they can be good company and can keep you occupied and active by giving you a good run after them around your house.

As entertaining as it gets, it can also be quite a challenge, considering the food options available for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are insectivores, and hence, most of the pet food available in markets is not nutritious enough for them.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away for humans, but do hedgehogs eat apples as well? Read the article further to find out!

Do Hedgehogs Eat Apples And Can They Eat Them?

The answer is yes, hedgehogs can eat apples and they are not toxic for them so you can feed your lovely with this fruit, but..

Apples are considered to be given as treats to hedgehogs. They are given as treats because they are of less nutritional value to hedgehogs. They do not hold many benefits and do not fulfill all the dietary needs of your hedgehog. Hence, they are only given as treats to them because hedgehogs are, in general, found to be very fond of treats.

Hedgehogs are not necessarily fond of sweet treats or sugary foods like grapes, which look healthy at first sight. Their fondness depends on the type of taste they are more inclined to.

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Apples are known to be full of rich nutrients, but there is one nutrient that an apple does not have, and that is the nutrient needed the most by hedgehogs: proteins. If you are a hedgehog owner, you must be well aware that proteins constitute a very important part of a hedgehogs’ diet and are essential for a balanced diet. Protein deficit is the primary reason why apples are only given as treats to hedgehogs; they are considered junk food for hedgehogs.

How Often Should I Treat My Hedgehog With Apples And How?

Now that you have the answer to “do hedgehogs eat apples,” you might want to know how often you must treat hedgehogs with them. Hedgehogs should be treated with apples once in a while; feeding them apples twice a week would be a good idea.

Before you give them apples, make sure that you have removed the seeds and that the apples are in small sizes to make the chewing process for the hedgehogs easier. Hedgehogs or any pet, in general, can contract diseases quite easily, especially from the food they eat. To avoid any illness, make sure that you have washed the apples thoroughly and have cut them into tiny pieces to ensure that your hedgehog does not end up choking the treat!

Peeling off the skin from the apples is completely up to you; you must keep in mind that the apple skin is of no harm to the hedgehog and does not impact the digestive system in any way whatsoever. But removing the skin ensures that the hedgehog has no trouble digesting and munching on the apple without much work and hassle.

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Is Apple Juice Better Than Chopped Apple Slices For Hedgehogs?

People who search for questions, such as hedgehogs, eat apples, often ask for substitutes and other ideas. Some owners like to ask if it’s better to give hedgehogs apple juice rather than cutting up the apple in small bits and feeding them to your pet. While it is not toxic to give apple juice to your hedgehog, it is also not advised to do so.

Avoiding apple juice is advised because hedgehogs do not have sugars as part of their diet. Providing them with a high level of sugar can disturb their tolerance level and upset their digestive system. It is advised that you avoid a high level of sugars altogether to ensure that your hedgehog does not have an upset stomach.

Can My Hedgehog Gain Weight If its Fed Apples Often?

The answer is yes. Hedgehogs can gain quite a lot of weight and be obese if they are fed high sugar levels often. Apples have a high percentage of calories; sugars naturally have calories in high amounts. Calories contribute to weight gain, and conclusively, we can say that apples in higher amounts can contribute to weight gain in hedgehogs.

If you plan on treating your hedgehogs with apples more than often, then make sure you incorporate apples with other nutritious foods so that your hedgehog gets a balanced diet.