Can Hedgehogs Eat Bread? What You Need To Know

Bread is loved by humans around the world. They like to consume it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which means any time of the day. Some hedgehog owners like to ask if they can feed their pets the food, they like consuming the most, bread.

The following article contains all that you need to know about the bread diet fir hedgehogs. You do not have to read elaborate discussion threads, because we have everything you need to know right here in this article.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Bread?

The answer is no; they cannot. There are multiple reasons why you must keep hedgehogs far away from bread. Keep reading to find out the reasons and figure out why bread is considered a hazard.

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. They must never be given milk or any food with milk or lactose-based products added as an ingredient. Milk and other substitutes are hazards for their health and should be kept as far as they possibly can be kept from your hedgehog.

Anything that is a hazard for your hedgehog might not necessarily kill your hedgehog, but it does cause serious dangerous diseases which are hard to cure. It can cause heart diseases and other digestive diseases that can potentially be much bigger problems in the future.

Even if you do end up assuming that your hedgehog can tolerate lactose well and does not mind it all, there is another reason why you must not be giving bread to your hedgehog.

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The reason is that hedgehogs do not digest bread well. Bread has high levels of wheat in it, and the high levels mean that there is too much fiber than what is needed by a hedgehog. Hence, they have trouble chewing and digesting bread pieces no matter how small they are cut.

You might conclude that your hedgehog can digest the bread and has never had a bad reaction after consuming bad or your pet might never have a bad or a negative reaction after the consumption of bread.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Hedgehog With Bread?

Here is another reason why you must never feed your hedgehogs’ bread; bread has very little to no nutrition. Feeding your hedgehog bread as a treat might also not be good enough for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs need proper nutrition, and their nutrition is a very confusing yet very important topic of discussion in the hedgehog community.

The hedgehog community and discussion forums have long threads of discussions that contain horror stories of people who had accidentally fed their hedgehogs bread and other snacks which had a lactose ingredient added to the recipe list.

Hedgehogs have one of the most sensitive digestive systems, and their dietary needs are very particular. If a hedgehog develops a digestive or an immunity disease, it might start shying away from food and refuse to eat at all.

The refusal to eat can result in diseases, fatigue and many other problems that can negatively impact the health and the overall systems and the hedgehog’s health, leading to much worse consequences.

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Bread is a no for your hedgehog, but that does not mean that your hedgehog has limited food options. Numerous homemade recipe ideas can serve as the perfect balanced meals for the hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs do not need to be served as a specific ingredient found to be nutritious for them. It is preferred that a hedgehog gets a diet that has recipes full of different ingredients to ensure that full nutrition is provided to your hedgehog.

Try coming up with DIY recipe plans for your hedgehog, which will serve as a freestyle meal. This way, you can easily observe their eating habits and make sure that they are healthy.