Do Hedgehogs Eat Carrots? (Here’s What You Need to Know)

Carrot is a refreshing vegetable that most people enjoy. It is versatile, and it can serve as a side serving or as part of a salad in the starters’ menu. It is enjoyed in all seasons by everyone because of its unique taste and the number of nutrients it contains. It can also be categorized as diet food.

Hedgehogs are small delicate creatures; the delicacy has also resulted in a very system that means that their immunity and digestion rate are also quite delicate. We can understand this simply because some of the most beneficial and nutritious vegetables and fruits are considered junk and health hazards for hedgehogs.

feeding hedgehogs with carrots

Should You Be Feeding Your Hedgehog Carrots??

The answer to your question is yes. Hedgehogs can eat carrots, and they enjoy consuming them. They are full of nutrients and lots of minerals, including a high water percentage; a hedgehog needs them in their balanced daily diet.

Carrots are rich in the following nutrients and minerals:

  1. Fiber
  2. Vitamin K1
  3. Potassium
  4. Calories
  5. Water
  6. Protein
  7. Carbs
  8. Sugar
  9. Fat

Although, carrots have a fair proportion of almost all nutrients needed by the hedgehog. Carbs and water are present in the highest proportion in carrots. The nutrients list mentioned above can fairly explain why carrots are considered so beneficial for hedgehogs.

Carrots have a mixture of nutrients; some nutrients are labeled as the healthiest for hedgehogs, and some nutrients are considered junk for hedgehogs and must be given in small amounts to your pets as a treat.

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Proteins And Their Significance:

Proteins are a very important nutrient for hedgehogs. They rely quite a lot on proteins as their main source of diet because of the benefits it holds for them.

Proteins play an integral role in developing and maintaining the hedgehogs’ body and their systems, especially their brain and their immunity system.

It is recommended to feed your hedgehog a higher percentage of protein than any other nutrient present mainly because protein constitutes the largest proportion in a hedgehogs’ body, which they use to perform their activities.

Your hedgehogs’ diet must contain at least thirty to fifty percent of protein to ensure that the diet provided to your hedgehog is balanced.

Proteins are used by hedgehogs when they run around and use their sensory systems when they use their brains. The usage of protein must be compensated again in a hedgehogs’ diet to ensure that the hedgehog remains healthy.

Sugar As Part Of a Hedgehogs’ Diet:

Hedgehogs generally do not prefer to consume sugars. The avoidance of sugars is because most of them are not familiar with the taste and do not particularly enjoy it. But some hedgehogs end up enjoying the taste sugars have to offer and like consuming it.

The question significant here is, should they be eating sugars? The answer is both yes but has a lot of constraints attached to the yes-mentioned connotations as the answer. If they are familiar with it, they will enjoy eating it and will want it as part of their meals.

The constraints lie in the addiction to sugars; sugars are bad for hedgehogs’ health because they can cause obesity and blood sugar issues in hedgehogs.

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Blood sugar issues are difficult to cure in hedgehogs and must strictly be avoided. Hence, it is important to note that sugars must never be offered frequently and must be offered as treats to hedgehogs to ensure that they do not become addicted.

How Should I Feed My Hedgehog Carrots?

Hedgehog owners must try to feed their pets carrots as veggie treats. This because of the high level of carbs and sugars present in carrots.

To feed carrots as a treat to your hedgehog, make sure that you have peeled the carrot properly and that you have washed it thoroughly before and after peeling.

Carrots must be shredded in thin slices so that the hedgehogs can easily chew them. Hedgehogs have a delicate mouth, and they find it extremely painful to chew on hard ingredients. Shredded carrots are the way to go as a veggie treat for your hedgie.