Do Hedgehogs Eat Cockroaches?

Hedgehogs can be classified as insectivores. They are mammals and consume raw meat too. But hedgehogs need insects as an integral part of their diet. They need insects as a staple food when they are offered their meals.

Insects are a staple for hedgehogs. But we need to dive into the specifics of which insects would serve as the best meal for your hedgehog. Hedgehogs have a very sensitive stomach and have trouble digesting foods that do not fit their dietary and nutritional needs.

hedgehogs eat cockroaches

But do hedgehogs eat cockroaches? Yes they do, hedgehogs like eating cockroaches when they hunt them down.

Should we provide cockroaches to our hedgehogs as part of their diet along with their meals?

Hedgehogs Eat Cockroaches But Is It Good For Them?

Cockroaches have to be very classified for you to be able to feed them to your hedgehog. Your hedgehog must only be fed dubia roaches which fall under the classification of cockroaches. You might be wondering about the difference between a normal cockroach and a dubia roach.

The difference is that dubia roaches are clean and raised around humans and not in the wilds. Cockroaches are raised in the wild and do not have the nutrition that your hedgehog is looking for.

Cokroaches and Their Nutrition and Significance.

Cockroaches are rich in calcium, protein, and fiber. All three aforementioned nutrients are very important in a hedgehog’s diet. Dubia roaches provide hedgehogs with the basic nutrition that boosts their stamina and keeps them going during the day.

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Hedgehogs usually prey for cockroaches that are wild since they are readily walking around in gardens and even in homes. Remember to keep these wild cockroaches away from your hedgehogs. Hedgehogs must only be fed dubia roaches and you have to get these roaches for your hedgehogs and feed them yourself.

Sounds scary right? Do not worry we are here to assist you through the process.

How do I Feed My Hedgehogs Cokroaches?

You should start by wearing gloves or using tongs. This way you can avoid the cokroach escaping from your hands. You need to keep holding on to the cokroach until your hedgehog grabs them and starts consuming them.

Remember that cokroaches serve as meals and are not classified as meals. Hence try to feed your hedgehogs dubia roaches at least once daily or at the least three times per week to ensure that they get the nutrition their body needs.

Happy Dubialicious munching to your hedgehog!