Do Hedgehogs Eat Eggs? (Scrambled, Raw and Hard-boiled)

If you consider yourself a hedgehog fan, then it is high time you re-evaluate! Hedgehogs, as pets, require quite a lot of attention and care from the owners. But on the bright side, they can be good company and can keep you occupied and active by giving you a good run after them around your house.

As entertaining as it gets, it can also be quite a challenge, considering the food options available for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are insectivores, and hence, most of the pet food available in markets is not nutritious enough for them.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Eggs?

Hedgehogs do eat eggs. Eggs are liked and consumed by hedgehogs generally. They enjoy eating eggs for their breakfast or generally as a snack. Tofu and eggs are examples of food that hedgehogs eat with delight.

They are also part of the list of very nutritious foods and satisfy most of the nutritional needs of your hedgehog. Hedgehogs prefer eating fresh eggs, which are mostly boiled or they are scrambled.

Hedgehog owners usually prefer serving the eggs boiled and in a mashed form to make it easier for the hedgehog to eat and enjoy.

It is advised to let the eggs cool down to room temperature before they are served to hedgehogs to ensure that the hedgehog does not hurt its gums or its digestive system while trying to consume its snack. Ensure that you serve the egg as it is without any seasoning or any oils or sauces because they may result in an upset stomach.

It must also be kept in mind that hedgehogs eat eggs, but they like to consume them when they are freshly made and cooked for them. since their sense of interpretation is very strong, hedgehogs have a disliking towards leftover or old food.

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If they are served eggs that are old and not freshly cooked, they may lose their appetite and refuse to eat for the rest of the day. Loss in appetite results in low energy and fatigue.

How Nutritious Are Eggs?

Eggs are considered one of the best treats and meals that hedgehog owners could give to a hedgehog. They are considered as such because they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Hedgehogs need calcium, iron, and protein the most, and eggs have them all.

Eggs are quite rich in calcium, iron, and proteins, making them the perfect food for hedgehogs that satisfies all of their nutritional needs.

While eggs are full of nutrition, you must never feed them in large amounts. Always keep in mind that feeding too many eggs to your pet can be harmful not only to its digestive system but also to its energy level.

Eggs have high levels of cholesterol, which can affect the digestive system and cause obesity. Obesity can, in turn, can cause various diseases, which can harm the hedgehogs’ overall activity and food consumption rate.

How Often Do Hedgehogs Eat Eggs?

Hedgehogs can eat eggs daily but only in small portions. While eggs are good for a balanced diet, most vets advise eggs to be given as a treat during the day and not in the form of full meals because excessive egg consumption can lead to serious and severe health problems.

It is advised to monitor your pet’s weight while feeding them eggs strictly. If there is a rise in weight, make sure you restrict the egg treats to once or twice a week. If the weight remains stagnant, it is alright to continue gibing them egg treats and meals every day.

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Do Hedgehogs Eat Raw Eggs?

It is strictly advised to avoid feeding your raw pet eggs as they can upset the hedgehog’s digestive system. Raw eggs have a high protein proportion, making it difficult for the hedgehog to chew and digest them. Raw eggs may also be contaminated with a high proportion of bacteria salmonella which can cause illness.

Hence, raw eggs must be kept away from your hedgehogs and must be treated as hazards. In particular, egg yolks are strictly categorized as foods that you must never give to your hedgehog. Make sure that you keep your raw eggs safe, away from your hedgehogs for their safety.

It is important to note that their diet is very complicated and delicate. Listed in this article is all the research and information you need to make a wise decision regarding your hedgehogs’ diet. Ensure that you observe their dietary habits and sure that they do not gain excessive weight while consuming eggs. You can also try incorporating eggs in hedgehog meal recipes to make the meals more appealing to your hedgehog.

Happy Fergalicious day to you and your hedgehog!