Do Hedgehogs Know Their Owners?

Do hedgehogs recognize and bond well with their owners? If you are planning to get a pet hedgehog, you might be wondering if they would recognize their owners, as cats and dogs do.

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Do Hedgehogs Know Their Owners? Yes, Hedgehogs do know their owners.

They tend to bond with them with the help of their owner’s scent. In fact, baby hedgehogs can bond faster than adult ones, who, on the other hand, need greater attention and time to bond.

The exact time is taken and intensity to get along with the owners would really depend on the personality of the particular hedgehog.

Hedgehogs require time to adapt to the smells, sounds, and things in their environment. Only when they get comfortable with their environment will they be able to relax and be free of any external threat. Such a relaxed state permits hedgehogs to bond in a better way with their owners.

Since no two hedgehogs are the same, some may be more inclined to interaction and bonding, while some need their own sweet time to get past their initial grumpiness. Generally, baby hedgehogs are easier to bond with.

Can Multiple People Bond with a Pet Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs may be able to bond with two or more people if they have familiarized themselves with the other person’s scent. They will bond with you if they recognize your smell as friendly and free from threat.

The more time you spend caring for your pet hedgehog, the better acquainted they will be with your smell. You can feed them their meals and gently caress them once they are ready. Just give your hedgehog sufficient time to adjust to the new environment.

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Once they understand that there are no threats, they will be more inclined to bonding. New people might trigger some defense response, wherein they might be reserved. It is important not to force your way to bond with a hedgehog.

Since scent plays an important role, you can gradually introduce them to your fragrance. Try leaving your t-shirt near your hedgehog and sit and talk with them.

Do Hedgehogs Know Their Names?

Hedgehogs won’t recognize the name you have given to them in the same way as cats and dogs. But, when you call them often using that name, they will surely respond and pay attention to you. This happens because the name and your voice become familiar to them.

Interestingly, your pet hedgehog is likely to respond to different names once they start recognizing your voice. Whereas if a stranger calls them by their name, they might just not respond to the unfamiliar voice.

Your pet responds to your voice because they associate it with their interaction and bonding with you. Whether it be for food, playtime, or general grooming, your voice reminds them of it.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, we can say that hedgehogs do know their owners. But they can take some time before bonding or responding to their owners’ calls. They primarily rely on smell and voice to recognize who their owner is. You can try spending more time with your pet and leave them with your old t-shirt to familiarize them with your scent.

You must be patient and loving with your pet hedgehog. Once they feel comfortable with their environment and the people around them, it will be easier for them to form bonds.

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