Do Hedgehogs Like Music? (Are They Sensitive To Sound?)

Are you thinking of creating a playlist for your hedgehog? Sure, sounds great! What are they like and what do they prefer? Do they have a thing for music and what other characteristics make them special?

Do Hedgehogs Like Music?

While this may sound odd, but hedgehogs love music. Like we humans find music to be therapeutic, a good tune will soothe your pet hedgehog as well.

hedgehog enjoying the music

But, hedgehogs are picky like their human owners. Given the different kinds of personalities, hedgehogs will have varying music preferences. We mean, hedgehogs have taste too! Music and hedgehogs sound like a unique combination.

If you want to understand whether hedgehogs like music or not, this guide can help you with that. Sensitive or loud? Let’s find out!

What Kind of Music Do Hedgehogs Prefer?

Like humans, hedgehogs can also have varying music tastes. The preference for music will typically depend on their personality.

In general, hedgehogs tend to love radio sound and soft music. It is because these sounds feel relaxing to their ears. If you want to give your hedgehog buddy a soothing environment, music is the right way.

Besides good soothing music, they also love it when their owners sing-along. You might also notice some agitation in your little hedgehog when you stop singing. If they find your singing to be peaceful, well, congratulations, you have another fan!

You should also know that the hedgehogs might not love listening to instruments. It is because the musical instruments might feel loud and discomforting. In any case, finding the perfect playlist for your hedgehog is a matter of trial and error.

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What’s the best part about introducing your hedgehog to music? It’ll help them to bond with you. Also, you can play the music the pet is bathing or playing. Besides, it’ll make sure that the hedgehog will not experience frustration when you watch TV or listen to the radio.

There are many more things you need to know about hedgehogs and music. This section highlights some important facts about that.

Are The Hedgehogs Sensitive to Sound?

Hedgehogs have a sensitivity to sound. You’ll notice them prickling or balling up at the slightest of noise. You can listen to the radio or watch TV with hedgehogs around. However, if you love those loud electronic dance music, hedgehogs might not be the ideal pet for you.

Do Loud Sounds Scare Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are a part of a wild surrounding. As a result, they are sensitive to sound. Hence, playing loud music or any loud sound can scare them. Because of their excellent hearing frequency, they can hear sound from a far-off distance.

You should also know that hedgehogs are nocturnal, and they spend most of their time slumbering.  Loud noise can disrupt their sleep. It is why they generally prefer soft and subtle music.

Wrap Up

So, if you have recently adopted a pet hedgehog, there’s no better way to bond than play his favorite music. Make sure to assess your hedgehog’s body language and mood before playing any music.

If your hedgehog likes peace, entertain him with a piece of soothing music. Music will play a critical role in your pet’s comfort. Get the music going and see your hedgehog enjoy!

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