Do Hedgehogs Smell Bad? (No!)

Basic hygiene and nice fragrance this is what people want around them, and this is what pleases. Many people ask if keeping a hedgehog at their home will make their home and the clean environment of their home stink.

This question is very important and thoughtful since exotic pets have a strong stench and have to be cleaned all the time to prevent bad odor. Hedgehogs are one of the most adorable pets you can adopt, but do you want a pet that smells bad?

hedgehog smell

So, the question at hand is, do hedgehogs smell bad? No, they do not.

Hedgehogs do not produce any bad smell or any smell at all. They do not have any distinctive smell attached to them. The only thing that will stink is the hedgehog’s poop. But apart from this, the hedgehog itself will never stink unless it needs a bath.

If you have not bathed your hedgehog in a long while, your hedgehog will likely end up stinking. You must be familiar with all the dos and don’ts to avoid your hedgehog from stinking.

We have all the tips and all the answers to the questions that might pop in your head while you are thinking on the topic of hedgehog and their smell.

Why Would Your Hedgehog Ever Stink?

Your hedgehog can stink for various reasons, and these reasons have nothing to do with the hedgehog’s skin or its breed. Some of the most common reasons why a hedgehog might stink are listed below.

Hedgehog Poop Can Cause Your Hedgehog To Stink.

Hedgehogs do not run to their litter box every time they have to poop or pee. Sometimes they tend to urinate and defecate in their cage. The excretion causes the cage to stink because the cage is a very small, confined space. The poop left behind in the hedgehog’s cage can cause a very bad smell and can result in your hedgehog stinking.

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Hedgehogs have weak eyesight, and they step around anywhere because of this. The stepping around is another reason they will stink because they are most likely to step on their excrements.

To avoid such circumstances, you must always make sure that you are cleaning your hedgehog’s cage properly and regularly. Cleaning the cage will ensure that your hedgehog does not stink, and it will also make the hedgehog’s cage a cleaner environment for it to live in.

Hedgehog’s Diet Can Affect The Odor Too:

If your hedgehog does not consume a healthy and balanced diet, the hedgehog’s poop and pee will likely stink quite stronger than it usually does.

The situation arises because the hedgehog is usually fed with food options with a low proportion of nutrients that the hedgehogs need. It could also be because they have not been fed the number of insects they are supposed to consume to stay healthy.

Protein is the most important nutrient that the hedgehog needs to be fed. If the hedgehog is not fed with sufficient proteins, it will have a very strong stinky poop.

To avoid the odor, try to stick to healthier options for your hedgehog that will keep its digestive system healthy and will not cause the hedgehog’s poop to stink any further.

What Do I Do If my Hedgehog Smells Bad?

There are ways to get rid of the nasty smell that your hedgehog’s poop will leave behind. You have to work on the steps given below to ensure that your hedgehog does not end up stinking.

Start With Cleaning The Hedgehogs’ Cage:

Hedgehogs have a very strong sense of smell, and they use their sense of smell to track down many things. Hedgehogs are nocturnal pets, and they sleep around all day. Because of their sense of smell, they cannot sleep in a stinking cage and do not smell nice.

The cage a hedgehog lives in is quite small and is very confined. The hedgehog can end up in a stinky state if the hedgehog does not have a clean cage. Hence cleaning the cage is very important.

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How Do I Clean The Hedgehog’s Cage?

You need to start by getting rid of all the poop spots and all the pee spots you can find in the litter you keep in your hedgehog’s cage. You must always keep quite a few blankets in your hedgehog’s cage to avoid a hassle later if your hedgehog ends up pooping on its blanket accidentally and to have a clean blanket whenever you want.

Try washing the cage daily and getting rid of the dry poop that gets stuck to your hedgehog’s cage. Cleaning reduces the bad smell that can develop in the cage and keeps the environment clean for hedgehogs. It is advised to clean the cage daily to make sure that the cage is clean daily and does not stink at all to avoid your hedgehog from being stinky.

Bath Your Hedgehog:

You will need to bathe your hedgehog often, even if you clean its cage daily, because hedgehogs, like other pets, can have dust particles and other pollutants stuck to their skin, making your hedgehog stink sometimes.

The decision on whether you should bathe your hedgehog or not is very easy. You have to pick the hedgehog up and smell it to decide if the hedgehog needs a bath or not.

Please keep in mind that You must not bathe your hedgehog daily. Bathing your hedgehog frequently can result in your hedgehog having dry, flaky, and cracked skin. Dry skin makes the hedgehog uncomfortable and anxious.

I follow everything written above; the odor does not go.

If you follow and have followed everything that has been advised above and your hedgehog still has a bad odor, then you might want to visit a vet. You might want to visit a vet because your hedgehog might have an infection. An infection can cause your hedgehog to smell bad no matter how clean your hedgehog is or how clean its cage is. You must visit a vet immediately to figure out where the infection lies and how the vet can cure it.