7 Interesting Hedgehog Facts For Kids

Hedgehogs are regarded as one of the cutest pets one could adopt. Hedgehogs are solitary, but they are fun to be around once they become familiar with you. Kids are fascinated with pets, and they like playing around with them.

hedgehog and kids

Here, in this article, we have compiled some hedgehog facts for kids that intrigue your kids and fascinate them. They would like to know about their pets and some fun facts about them. Keep reading the following article to fascinate your kids and to educate them further on their pets.

1. Hedgehog and The Origin Of Its Name:

Hedgehogs have their unique and weird name because of their hunting characteristics. Hedgehogs have their unique name because they find their way through hedges to search for insects and other small creatures.

Hedgehogs are insectivores, and they need to consume insects as an essential part of their diet.

Hence, the hedge part of their name originates from the hunting habits that they carry out for food. The hog part of their name originates from their habit of snorting a lot when they walk and hunt around. The sound that a hedgehog is very close to that of a pig.

2. Hedgehogs and Hibernation

Hedgehogs have a unique characteristic. They can hibernate. It is common for most hedgehogs to hibernate, but you should note that not all hedgehogs hibernate. Hedgehogs are regarded as mammals and insectivores. Hence, hedgehogs are one of the few mammals that can hibernate.

Hedgehogs hibernate during the winters. They hibernate because they do not particularly enjoy the winters because of their mammal characteristics. Hedgehogs hibernate during the winters and then wake up during the summers.

Hedgehogs like sleeping during the day and like staying up all night.

3. Where do Hedgehogs Live?

Hedgehogs are found around the world. That means that they are not restricted to a specific country or region. Instead, they are found in all continents and different countries.

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Hedgehogs are found in a large count in Great Britain and the rest of Europe and America. Hedgehogs are not found in the Far North of Europe and are barely found in the Russian States.

Hedgehogs do not live on the Scottish Islands and the areas around it due to the weather conditions. They did not live in New Zealand and Australia. But the hedgehog’s population started multiplying in this region when a man brought hedgehogs to the continent, and they started reproducing.

4. Hedgehogs and Their Diet

Hedgehogs were classified as herbivores initially, but research has shown that hedgehogs are carnivores and insectivores both. Hedgehogs like consuming insects, and they like eating meat.

The most exciting thing a hedgehog can consume is snakes. Yes, you heard me right. Hedgehogs consume snakes. They can consume them like they consume standard meat.

The snake’s consumption shows that hedgehogs are immune to snake venom and are very much unaffected by the toxins and hazards attached. Isn’t that cool, right?

5. Hedgehogs Have a Very Useful Snout.

Hedgehogs have a very long snout, but their long snout serves a fundamental purpose. Hedgehogs have weak eyesight, and hence, they need a strong sense of smell to guide them around and help them detect their prey and their way around.

Hence, they use their snout to move around while smelling things at the same time. Hedgehogs can smell anything that is far off and away from them. The distance at which their snout can smell is astounding; hedgehogs unarguably have the best sense of smell.

A hedgehogs snout serves another purpose. The snout helps the hedgehogs when they are out for a hunt. Their snout is long and is very helpful for hedgehogs when they want to consume insects and worms.

They do not have to use their mouth at all. Instead of their mouth, they use their snouts to catch the insects and consume them.

6. Hedgehogs and Their Spikes.

Hedgehogs have a lot of quills all over their back and on their sides. The only place where they have no quills is on their belly. Hedgehogs use their quills as a defence mechanism. Their quills rise when they are anxious or nervous.

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They can shoot them or project them at their target, but hedgehog quills can hurt a person when they try to touch it. Hence, quills are the hedgehog’s protection against people who pray for them or against people they think are threatening them.

Hedgehogs have a total of five thousand to seven thousand quills on their body. Quills do not last forever. They eventually wither and fall out. But that does not mean that hedgehogs lose their high count of quills. Once a hedgehog’s quill falls, a new one is formed, which replaces the quill that had dropped down.

7. Hedgehogs Are The Best Thing You Can Get For Your Garden.

Hedgehogs are often referred to as gardeners’ friend. They are referred to this name because they consume the insects in our garden that can eat up our plants and cause a riot in the gardens.

Fear not; you do not have to seek help for infesting your garden. Your hedgehog can easily do that for you. Hedgehogs not only consume the fruits and vegetables that are present in your garden but also consume all the bugs and insects that are present there as well.

Some More Short Hedgehog Facts

  • A group of hedgehogs is called an array.
  • Hedgehogs are solitary animals, and they do not like living with mates.
  • Hedgehogs like self-anointing themselves when they smell something powerful.
  • Hedgehogs do not have a breakneck speed, but they have quite a lot of stamina to help them in their long walks. Their legs can easily travel up to two miles without getting tired.
  • Hedgehogs are nocturnal.
  • The family name of a hedgehog is Erinaceidae.
  • They have a life span of around seven years.