Hedgehog Litter Training In Two Easy Steps

Hygiene for hedgehogs is as important as a healthy diet for them. Unhygienic hedgehogs have a higher probability of catching diseases.

Hedgehogs have a sensitive digestive system; their digestive system contains many bacteria and parasites.These bacteria and parasites come out in their feces after the process of digestion.

Hedgehog Litter Training

Cleaning the aftermath of a hedgehog’s digestive system is no joke. The hedgehog’s poop can be stuck to be different places and is difficult to manage and clean. Hedgehog litter training is very important; it makes the litter cleaning process easier and hassle-free!

Steps and Methods For Your Hedgehog’s Litter Training:

There are different steps and methods available that can make littering easy for your hedgehog. These steps can simplify the littering learning process for your hedgehog and make your life much simple and easier.

The steps written down below are helpful and can make your hedgehog trained in no time.

Step 1: Your Hedgehog’s Pooping Pattern:

Observing and finding out your hedgehog pooping pattern is very important. Observing the place where your hedgehog likes to poop is very important.

The place matters because the most frequently visited place by hedgehog to litter will act as the place where you will be placing the hedgehogs’ litter box.

Hedgehogs and Their Habit of Pooping In Their Wheels:

Hedgehogs can have a habit of pooping on their wheel. They find themselves adjusting to the wheel and pooping there comfortably. It is advised not to let your hedgehog poop in the wheel and avoid making it a habit.

It is avoided because the poop will get stuck to your hedgehogs’ feet and make the cleaning process more difficult. Cleaning the hedgehog’s feet along with the wheel will be a difficult task. You will have a hard time cleaning the hedgehogs’ feet and then cleaning the wheel itself.

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What If My Hedgehog Does Not Find a Place?

If your hedgehog fails to find a place, it does not mean that it will not be litter trained anytime soon. It just means that your hedgehog is waiting for you to find a place where you can place their litter box.

You have to experiment by keeping their litter box in different places to figure out which place would work for them.

Some Essentials You Need Before You Train Them:

It would be best if you started by making up a litter box. Litter boxes are available in the markets too, but it’s advised to make one by yourself since it is easier to make another one whenever you feel like taking care of your pet’s hygiene.

The easiest way to a litter box is by using tissue boxes and filling them up with litter. Invest in litter that is dust-free and non-clumping to avoid more hygiene issues.

Step 2: The Methods For Litter Training.

Various methods are used to train hedgehogs for litter. Every owner recommends the one which worked for them. Your job is to find out the method that will work for your hedgehog.

There are quite a lot of methods used for litter training. The most common one, which works on almost all hedgehogs, is listed below. This method is the easiest and the most effective method out of all the other ones.

Method: Training The Hedgehog To Smell The Litter Box.

There are quite a lot of researches on the conditioning of hedgehogs based on their sense of smell. The research included conditioning the hedgehog in a way through which they can smell their way to their litter box.

The previous statement indicates that you had to familiarize your hedgehog with the smell of poop. Once the hedgehog is familiar with the smell, they will remember it distinctively.

Taking them to the litter box as soon as you feel like they will poop is part of the conditioning. Once the hedgehog is conditioned properly, the hedgehog will find its way to the place which smells like poop.

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The type of litter you should use to condition your hedgie:

It is advised to use soft and recycled newspaper as a litter option for your hedgehogs’ litter box. The option is considered because the newspaper is dust-free and can absorb moisture from the air and your hedgehogs’ poop.

It can also absorb the smell your hedgehog’s poop will leave behind. The newspaper option is globally considered the best form of litter because of its environmentally safe.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that the litter option chosen should be consistent before choosing a litter option and must not be changed.

The change in litter in the litter box can interfere with the conditioning and may confuse the hedgehog when the hedgehogs try to track the litter box with their sense of smell.

What Is The Best Place To Keep Your Hedgehog’s Litter Box?

More than fifty percent of hedgehog owners say that keeping your pet’s litter box next to their wheel, underneath their wheel, or anywhere near the wheel is the best place to keep your hedgehog’s litter box.

The litter box is treated as an area designated for the hedgehogs, similar to a bathroom. But some people have observed that keeping the litter tray right underneath the wheel can result in the hedgehog being confused about the place which has litter because the smell is spread in the wheel.

The key here is to observe and look out for what is best for your hedgehog.

Some tips to help you in the training process:

  • The hedgehogs do not use the litter box all the time; they tend to poop anywhere they sometimes want, which does not indicate that they are not properly trained.
  • Always keep the food and water you feed your hedgehog away from the litter box.
  • Be patient and consistent with the training. Do not lose hope; you will be able to train your hedgehog eventually.