Hedgehog and Their Poop: A Complete Guide

Hedgehog diet is very difficult and complicated. But what is more complicated is their digestive system. The excretions they do after their digestive system has done its job can be confusing and overwhelming.

The topic here at hand is hedgehog poop. This topic can confuse many hedgehog owners, and they have too many questions that pop in their heads, and they want them to be answered.

hedgehog on toilet papper

Questions such as how often hedgehogs poop, is hedgehog poop dangerous, why hedgehogs eat poop, and why hedgehogs poop so much are some of the most frequently asked questions. I have got you covered with all the facts and information that you need to know to know.

How Often Do Hedgehogs Poop?

Hedgehogs have a habit of pooping quite frequently, they poop a lot, and they can even go ahead and poop whenever they get the opportunity. You might observe that hedgehogs like pooping whenever they are doing a chore or some activity.

Young and naive hedgehogs like pooping on their wheel or underneath dark things like a sofa or a chair. As the hedgehog matures, you might notice that they stick to their litter training and poop only in areas where they are trained to poop.

Hedgehogs poop more frequently than you can imagine, but why do hedgehogs poop so much?

Why Do Hedgehogs Poop so Much?

Pooping too much and too often is considered quite normal for hedgehogs. Pooping is often normal because hedgehogs have a very small digestive system that lacks an integral part known as the cecum. The cecum is used to effectively process cellulose and control how the digestive system works on the excretions.

hedgehog sitting on the toilet

Whenever hedgehogs are let out of their cage for any reason, they will around and may poop while they are running. Running around and pooping is not a problem. Running around and pooping is a common habit among hedgehogs.

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Hedgehogs have a healthy and fast immunity and a fast digestive system. A fast digestive system is why they have a higher rate of metabolism and can digest and excrete quite quickly.

Until they are quite mature, Hedgehogs do not smell the place they are about to poop. They poop whenever they get the opportunity, no matter how well litter trained they are.

Hedgehogs move around quite a lot, and as a result, their movements trigger their body to push out all the excretions. The trigger caused by the movements in their body is why they might poop around while running.

Hedgehogs can poop all over their wheel too. They are pets that tend to eat up whatever is lying around them. Can hedgehogs eat poop lying around in their wheel and become dried down and sticks to the wheel?

Why Hedgehogs Eat Poop:

Hedgehogs can eat their poop, but they tend to do that sometimes, and there are reasons attached to why they do so. The most common reason why they end up eating their poop is the lack of nutrition in their diet.

If your hedgehog does not have all the necessary nutrients needed by its body in its diet, it will start looking around for leftovers in the wheel or anything it can find to eat.

These leftovers can also make your hedgehog poop. They need nutrition to digest what they consumed, and they try to consume their excretion to digest the leftovers by their system.

They also go through a phase where they perform self-anointment and rub their poop all over themselves. The self-anointment process is seen in hedgehogs that are naïve and young. 

Is Hedgehog Poop Dangerous?

It is healthy for your hedgehog to consume his feces. The feces they consume can substitute for many nutrients that their body needs, such as proteins and cellulitis.

The nutrients are present in the hedgehog poop because they are preserved while the hedgehog’s digestive system works, and excretions happen.

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The only harmful poop for your hedgehog will be poop from other animals. Other hedgehog’s poop is also harmful as it can be infected due to another hedgehog being severely ill.

Hedgehogs poop quite a lot; they never want to miss an opportunity to do so. Their poop is stinky as well and makes the entire cage along with the hedgehog smell bad.

Hedgehogs can not control the place they start pooping at. They can start pooping at any place they are left, more specifically under sofas or under chairs where they can find a hiding place for themselves.

Hedgehogs that are young and naïve can even go around pooping on their owners. Hedgehogs can go around pooping because they have little to no control over their digestive system.

To make sure that everything is out of a hedgehog’s digestive system, many owners like to give their hedgehogs a shallow footbath. The footbath acts as a signal for the hedgehog to let out everything in its digestive system and clean the entire system.

Adult hedgehogs tend to get rid of all the poop in their system after being given a footbath, but young hedgehogs might still have some poop left in their digestive system after the shallow footbath.

Final Words

The key to a healthy digestive system and better pooping patterns is a good and healthy diet. Hence, you must make sure that you pay special attention to your hedgehog’s diet and the amount of food it consumes daily. Counting the nutrients in a hedgehog’s food is important. Suppose the nutrients that a hedgehog needs are satisfied. In that case, the hedgehog will have fewer digestive issues with a much cleaner and healthier pooping pattern that would ensure that your hedgehog stays healthy, happy, and clean.