How Much Attention Do Hedgehogs Need?

Who does not like a little attention and devotion towards them? Attention stems from taking care of someone and showing affection love through the attention you pay towards them. Humans are generally very fond of affection and affectionate gestures. But do hedgehogs demand affection as humans do? How much attention do hedgehogs need?

These are some important questions that might pop up in your mind while planning on adopting a hedgehog as a pet.

hedgehog in flowers

Hedgehogs require a very less amount of attention as compared to other pets. They are usually referred to as very low maintenance and do need much time and money to be spent on them.

How much attention and time do you need to give to your hedgehog? I have all the details covered in this article. Keep reading to unveil all answers to the questions that might pop up in your head.

How Much Time Do I Need To Give To My Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals and do not need much of your time. You can restrict your time with them to the playtime you might have assigned for them. Your hedgehog will not mind if you refuse to spend a lot of time with them.

Hedgehogs do not sulk or get depressed if they are left alone and are not given much time. They can enjoy their company; many hedgehog owners say hedgehogs like their own company more than a human company with them.

Time Given To Their Playing Habits

It is important to let your hedgehog out often, if not daily. Hedgehogs need to be taken out to see if they are healthy, have no injuries, and have not fallen sick. It is advised to keep a small playpen or a homemade box for them to run off to after they are released from the cage. The box or playpen will also prevent injuries.

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The small-time you spend with your hedgehog will help you bond well with your hedgehog. The bond will become stronger as time passes, and your hedgehog will no longer be anxious around you.

Time Is GivenTo Their Diet and Bedding

You need to give your hedgehog food daily at their preferred time. You will also have to look after the hedgehog’s water bottle you keep for the hedgehogs in their cage. Ensure that you refill that bottle every few days or as soon as you notice that the bottle is about to be empty.

It would be best if you never forgot to treat your hedgehog. Treats are not something that is considered essential or necessary. They should be given to make sure that your hedgehog stays happy and motivated.

You need to pay attention to your hedgehog’s diet and food consumption. The food consumption of your hedgehog determines how active it will be all day. Balanced and a healthy diet for hedgehogs keeps them healthy and happy with their own company.

Hedgehogs like to bury themselves when they are sleeping. They usually prefer a bed of shavings in which they bury themselves when they are sleeping. It would be best if you made sure that the shavings you are using are safe.

Some of the preferred choices of shavings can be kiln-dried pine shavings; you must avoid using pine shavings that are scented or any cedar shavings for your hedgehog’s bedding.

You must use Aspen shavings with precautions because some hedgehogs have been observed to have a negative allergic reaction to aspen. It would be best if you made sure that the bedding of your hedgehog is changed regularly.

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It would be best if you tried to make the beddings at home. Beddings are easily available at any local department or a pet store.

There is a disadvantage of buying beddings for hedgehogs from stores; the beddings can have mites that can injure and harm the hedgehog. If you plan on buying store-bought bedding for your hedgehog, make sure that you spend time cleaning the shaving, and looking for mites. The cleaning up may take up more of your time.

The Perfect Temperature To Keep Your Hedgehog Comfortable:

You need to pay a lot of attention to the temperature where your hedgehog is comfortable, remains active, and does not have to go through fatigue.

You should invest in heat pads for your hedgehogs and try to keep them under your hedgehog’s cage to ensure that the average temperature the hedgehogs are kept at is more than 70.

Hedgehogs tend to hibernate if they are kept in temperatures that are below the 70s.

As you can see It’s more than clear that the amount of attention that your hedgehog needs are less than the attention other pets need. But there are several different elements such as food or bedding that need more attention and time to make sure that the hedgehog is happy in solitary and does not have hibernation issues or fatigue.