How Do Hedgehogs Sleep? How Long And Where

If you’re a recent hedgie parent, you might have a lot of questions about your hedgehog’s sleep schedule. You might be wondering when, how, and where do they sleep.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day and stay awake through the night. They love to curl up in their shelter. Typically, hedgies sleep for about 18 hours a day and only show activity during the dark.

Let us explore the hedgehog sleep schedule, where they like to doze off, and more. Additionally, we will also look at some hedgehog sleep bags.

Hedgehog Sleep Schedule

Since hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, they tend to stay in their sleep during daylight. So if you’re looking for a pet to keep you company through the day, your choice should not be a hedgie.

Hedgehogs usually sleep for 18 to 20 hours every day. In the case of little hoglets, it is common for them to sleep for over 20 hours. However, you should wake them up for their playtime if it has been too long.

Unless your furry friend is hungry, the chances are that it will remain sleeping in its hideout until the sun has set completely. It will only wake up during the dark to eat, drink, and play.

Do Hedgehogs Sleep in a Ball?

While hedgehogs may fall asleep in different positions, their most commonly observed sleeping position is resting curled up in a ball. All they need is a comfortable spot, and they will curl up and dose off.

Much like humans, even hedgies change their positions during sleep. You may even find some hedgehogs sleep on their backs sometimes. Moreover, they can also sleep stretched out on their sides or bellies at times.

Hedgehog Splatting Reasons

Sometimes you may notice that your hedgehog is “splatting” on its stomach, with its legs splayed out. There can be many possible reasons behind this splatting position.

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While some people believe that hedgies splat when they get extremely comfortable in their environment, the more common school of thought says that it is a reason to worry.

Hedgehogs end up splatting owing to illnesses. They lose control of their limbs and tare only to stay in the splatting position.

Even heatstrokes can drain the energy of your pet, such that it is unable to curl up into a ball and falls into the splat position. Often, hedgies go into a splat because they are tired or out of breath.

Where Do Hedgehogs Sleep?

Hedgies only go to sleep where they feel safe. While pet hedgies get their own space, the other hedgehogs like to sleep in spots with plenty of greenery. They proffer places with dead leaves and twigs that they can use to build a nest.

Pet hedgehogs usually have their own boxes. You can create their ideal sleeping environment by ensuring that the box is warm enough for your pet.

You will have to find a hiding spot for your hedgie and make it comfortable with some hay or old newspapers. Such an environment will allow your hedgehog to curl up and doze off comfortably.

Moreover, if you’d like to create a nest-like space for your pet, you could use spare cereal packages or other cardboard boxes.

Best Hedgehog Sleeping Bag

Hedgehog’s love to curl up in a warm corner. If you have a pet hedgie, you should look for a cozy sleeping bag to help your furry friend fall asleep comfortably.

Here are some of our top picks for the best hedgehog sleep bag.

1.     JanYoo Hedgehog Bed Accessories Cage

This unique-looking hedgehog sleep bag is available in three different sizes, making it fit for all kinds of hedgies. Moreover, it is available in six interesting styles, so you can pick whichever design pleases you the most.

It is a durable bed with a non-slip bottom that will make your pet fall in love with it. This product is made with super soft plush and filled with cotton. Both of these materials are long-lasting and will keep your hedgie cozy.

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This sleeping bag also comes with a removable cotton-filled mat. Your pet is likely to hide under the mat to keep itself comfortable. Since you have to wash the bag once in a while, the removable feature comes in handy and makes your job easier.

2.     Loghot Cotton Small Pet Hanging Bed

The Loghot sleeping bag is a warm and safe space for your hedgehog to play or sleep inside it. It is available in two different sizes and can house fully grown-up hedgies.

It is made up of lint and canvas, which will keep your hedgehog warm and cozy, especially during winters.

The bag comes with clips included behind the hammock. The clips allow you to attach the hammocks firmly to the cage. You can hang the pouch vertically, creating a safe and familiar environment for your marsupial pet.

3.    BWOGUE Bed Cave Cozy

This soft and cozy animal bed is large enough for hedgehogs. It offers a cage-like structure to make your hedgehog feel safe. Although it is only available in one size, it comes in four exciting colors.

It is a 2 in 1 foldable bed that you can use as a cave and mat. While it is pretty comfortable, you might need to add a blanket with it during winters.

Th plush cushion pad inside the cage gives your hedge its very own compartment to hide and sleep. Moreover, you can easily remove it when you want to clean the sleeping bag.

Closing Thoughts

Getting a new pet home is always a challenging process. Luckily though, hedgehogs are some of the most low-maintenance pets. They curl up in a comfortable spot and sleep for almost 18 to 20 hours during the day.

Being nocturnal creatures, they only like to be up after the sun has set. Understanding the hedgehog sleep schedule may be tricky at first, but you’ll get used to it over time.

All you need to do is provide your pet with a good sleeping bag and a comfortable environment.