Are Hedgehogs Territorial?

Hedgehogs are mostly found roaming around in hustle. Different animals exhibit numerous survival instincts. Some are solitary while others live in the same habitat-forming colonies. As well as sharing food and nature around them. On the other hand some even fight for their habitat. Unlike bunnies and other pocket pets hedgehogs need to be housed alone. Usually, they are found in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Hedgehogs are known to be solitary animals. You can keep them as a pet. But there is a lot more to know about them. Especially when it comes to the habitat they prefer living alone. They usually dig through the trees or bushes deep into the ground. They sleep for hours in the day. So you can say that hedgehogs are not territorial at all.

Hedgehog`s Habitat

Hedgehogs live in damp shady areas such as in the bushes and extensive pine trees near. They are usually found in places where there is abundant food supply for them. In addition to food they also prefer meadows to hide and protect themselves from predators.

They like being alone and prefer to live that way until they breed. They sometimes run to other hedgehogs for food. And while they do that they don`t fight for their territory. However they like their own company and space.

Hedgehog`s Behavior

Hedgehogs are solitary mammals and they tend to seek company only when they are in the breeding phase. Other than that they are very aggressive towards each other. Most commonly the males get in a serious battle and end up bruising or killing each other.

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Hedgehogs are shy. They often live hiding from other animals. However you might face a serious and weird situation as they usually throw tantrums when they smell an unfamiliar scent.

This behavior is very common among them and is defined as self-anointing behavior. This occurs in an alarming situation as they begin foaming from their mouth. Then they lick that foamy substance onto their quills. This is usually done to determine the toxicity of unfamiliar scents that they are experiencing. And this is a completely normal reaction.

How Much Ground do Hedgehogs Usually Cover?

Numerous researches have encountered that hedgehogs usually cover about 10-20 hectares of an area. But it is also dependent upon their sex and gender. Normally they can cover about 2 kilometers in one night. Whereas if you`ve come across a breeding male hedgehog then it will cover up to 3 kilometers in a night.

Are Hedgehogs Nocturnal?

They are the exact opposite of humans when it comes to their sleep cycle. They are more likely to be nocturnal. Their day begins at noon which makes it hard to track them. Along with that their nocturnal sounds are so weird and uncomfortable especially if someone is keeping them as a pet. So make sure to make a little arrangement or a proper setting before you keep them in your house.


Hedgehogs are an interesting animal and are very rare these days. Their habitual routines are fascinating and difficult to track. Moreover you can interact with them by bonding and spending some time together. Also by providing them regular food as well as by taking good care of all their needs.

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They are not territorial. You can see them roaming around in your garden and behind the trees as they are excellent climbers. They form a burrow under a pile of leaves and twigs as their nest. They are usually very peaceful.