Do Hedgehogs Have A Better Vision In the Dark?

Hedgehogs, even with their spiky exterior and shy temperament, is still the most loved animal. These tiny nocturnal mammals give tough competition to their fellow counterparts, especially dogs and cats, for qualifying as the most adorable pets.

Well, now the question is, can hedgehogs see in the dark? They certainly aren’t blind, but they do have blurred vision. Hedgehogs are most active at night; hence their vision is not the most vital part of their everyday life. As a result, they do not have exceptional eyesight like other mammals.

Hedgehogs have a hard time seeing things that are two inches in front of them, let alone things around them. If you have a pet hedgehog at home, do not be taken aback if they overlook a mealworm you kept right in front of them.

Let us give you an overview of a hedgehog’s vision and few other fascinating details.

Everyday Life Through a Hedgehog’s Eye

Hedgehogs are those mammals who can normally survive even with poor vision. Let this factor not restrict you from keeping one of these as your pets. Unlike a dog or a cat, Hedgehogs will nap all day, and you will find them curled up in some dark corner of the house.

However, these tiny tots are highly active at night, and their vision is just perfect for the dark surrounding. With relatively small eyes, hedgehogs are pretty used to sensing things around them at night. To be more specific, they have a tailor-made vision for the night.

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Most of the objects in front of them are visible as random shapes or silhouettes for a hedgehog. You might wonder if this blurred vision is a threat to their lives. Well, no, they have their intelligent ways to protect themselves once they sense any predators near them.

Vision Smell and Hearing of Hedgehogs

Your pet hedgehog might be bad at eyesight, but their other senses are pretty alert. With their tiny ears, they position them for picking up important sounds. Their ears are sensitive, and they can pick up high tones. They are easily startled by any noise or movement around them.

Also, their tiny yet sharp nose will get the signal whenever you bring them treats. They can easily pick up a scent from their surroundings and detect their fellow hedgehog companions by sniffing.

Things to Keep in Mind if You Have a Pet Hedgehog

According to a recent study, hedgehogs have a rod-dominated monochromatic retina, and hence their color vision is also heavily impaired. If you have one of them as a pet, you can do a few things to make their life easier.

You can always take them out for a little sun, but not for long since too much light may hurt their eyes. Ensure that their cage is spacious enough to move around freely without stumbling on objects.

Lastly, shower them with love and affection since they already have a hard life with impaired vision.


Blurry vision and poor eyesight are not major obstacles for hedgehogs. Well, can hedgehogs see in the dark and also survive without assistance? Hope you have a better understating with regards to this now.

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Get a hedgehog home and see how they brighten up your day or night, for that matter!