What Do Hedgehogs Eat In The Wild?

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a tiny, brown, and absolutely adorable hedgehog. Make the most of it and show off the beautiful pet to all your friends. Hedgehogs are extremely playful and make great company for their owners.

Often, new as well as experienced owners find it difficult to navigate between their food choices. This is because there are so many restrictions when it comes to their diet. Some things can be downright dangerous for these pets, so it is best to do thorough research before deciding on something.

hedgehog eating in the wild

The wilderness, though, is one place that hedgehogs love to be in. What’s more, there are also many different food choices available there that they can fill their tummies with. But, what do hedgehogs eat in the wild? Read on to find out.

Hedgehogs And Their History

Hedgehogs are used to existing and surviving in the wild. This is because they are usually grown and brought up there. Thus, the wild is not unknown territory for most of them. What this also means is that they can certainly forage quite well for themselves.

Their relentless energy and wonderful appetite means that you are sure to see hedgehog running across the wild, untrimmed grass. When it comes to what they can eat in the wild, the list is quite long. The good part is that most bugs, insects, etc., found in the wild are extremely friendly for your hedgehog.

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Since hedgehogs are insectivores, they will love to feed on insects. Furthermore, it is quite essential for their diet since most insects are great in terms of energy and value. A hedgehog, like us, has to maintain balance in their meals.

Which Is Safe To Eat?

By now, you know that hedgehogs are nocturnal. Therefore, they will usually go about hunting for their meals at night. They also have a great sense of smell and are quick to identify things. Thus, the usual places they will look at include the soil and inside a hedgerow. You will also see them making a shrill and loud noise, almost like a grunt.

Hedgehogs have a variety of things to choose from. In the wild, the list includes worms, beetles, caterpillars, slugs, roaches, millipedes, etc. As if that was not enough, they can also safely eat bees and wasps without the fear of getting stung by them.

A few other things that hedgehogs find delightful are rodents, frogs, and a few bird’s eggs. Rest assured that almost all items in the wild are safe for them, provided they do not bring about parasites or infections.

Summing Up

Now that you know the answer to what do hedgehogs eat in the wild, go ahead and let them explore the options for themselves! If your hedgehog does not wish to get out, you could always opt for a meal of live insects that are stunned. The bottom line is that almost anything in the wild will make a good meal.