Homemade Hedgehog Food (Important Nutrients & What To Avoid)

Hedgehogs can be quite challenging as pets. The Unclarity is because they are pets that are quite active. They move around quite a lot and can give you a tough time chasing them around. Their activities are quite challenging, but the challenges do not stop here.

The food your hedgehog consumes is food for thought for you. The confusion exists because hedgehogs being active pets, demand quite a lot of nutrition.

homemade hedgehog food and what to avoid

Hence hedgehog owners try their best to ensure that their pet has the nutrition it needs to keep going on all day (night, lol). Some owners prefer homemade hedgehog food because it gives them control over the amount of nutrition their pet consumes.

Which Nutrients Are Important For My Pet?

Homemade hedgehog food has a major concern. Is it nutritious enough for the pet to help it stay active until its next food? To ensure that your hedgehog gets all the necessary nutrition, you must be well-read in the nutritional department; that is, you should know which nutrients are important to satisfy your hedgehog’s dietary needs.

Being precise with the nutrients is almost impossible, but ensuring that the nutrients are present in the food you are feeding your hedgehog is important. Here is a list of essential nutrients needed by your hedgehog daily for it to stay healthy.

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The important nutrients needed are as follows:

  1. Proteins
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Fiber
  5. Vitamins
  6. Minerals
  7. Plenty of water

The listed nutrients should not be provided together at the same time necessarily. There should be a balanced blend of these nutrients in homemade food to ensure that your pet does not feel hungry and there is no fatigue. Water plays an essential role in a hedgehog’s diet, quite similar to its impact on the human body’s diet. Now that you know the important nutrients required, it’s time to learn if your homemade snack is better than preserved food.

Homemade Hedgehog food vs. Preserved Hedgie Food

Preserved food is conventional and easygoing. The minimum effort is required, and the food is ready to eat for your pet whenever your hedgehog is hungry. But preservative food can be bad for your hedgehogs’ health as well.

Hedgehogs being insectivores, have a delicate digestive system that needs fresh foods and a fair proportion of insects in their diet. Consequently, it is very important to maintain a fair balance between preserved food and homemade hedgehog food for your pets.

Maintaining a fair balance brings the factor of a free diet into play. A free diet plan can make it easier for you to manage, which means that you can decide when your pet needs preserved food and on what days you need to cook up a wholesome homemade hedgehog food for your hedgie.

How Do I Make Sure That The Ingredients I Am Using Are Good?

There are certain foods that your hedgehog might like and might not like. Hedgehog taste varies from hedgehog to hedgehog, and to ensure what ingredients work for your pet; you need to follow a trial-error method. Most pet owners try to place small cubes of certain fruits, vegetables, proteins and observe how the hedgehog consumes the food presented in front of it.

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The following experiment is usually good and successful in predicting if the hedgehog finds the food good enough or will consume it. There is a certain list of ingredients that hedgehogs cannot consume, some of which may also harm their digestive system.

While cooking up meals, you must avoid the following foods in any homemade hedgehog food.

Ideas for homemade hedgehog food:

The information listed above can be quite overwhelming. Thinking of recipes can be quite confusing too and can make the work more hectic and complicated. Listed below are some recipes which are easy to make and will make your hedgehog happy!

  1. Chicken dinner (fried chicken breast and veggies)
  2. Insectivore delight (frozen Mealworms, banana, apples, other fruits carefully selected which pet might like)
  3. Beef and Veggie Broth (Fresh veggies, cooked oatmeal, dried grass powder, and raw beef)

Happy munching to your hedgie from us!