How Much Are Hedgehogs? Immediate Costs & Yearly Expenses

Are you wondering how much can cost you if you decide to buy or adopt hedgehog? Are you worried if you can maintain them as your pet? Hedgehogs as a pet are becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

In spite of this, there is a lot of misinformation and doubts about their nature and care. However, many people do not understand what it is like to have them as their pets. They require specific care for their needs to remain the active and playful animals that they are.

What Is The Average Price Of a Hedgehog?

The price of the hedgehog can vary anywhere between 100 to 500 dollars.  This is the average cost and the actual price can vary from one seller to another.

This article is put together to walk you through or rather spin you around in the hedgehog wheels. As you read on, we hope to help you understand their care requirements and the hedgehog as pets cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Hedgehog?

Hedgehog costs money for purchasing as well as for its maintenance. The price varies from one hedgie to another depending on several factors that are discussed further in the article.

If you plan on buying an African Pygmy Hedgie at a local pet store, it can cost you lesser than the above-mentioned cost. However, they can cost higher if you buy them from an established breeder.

It is always recommended to purchase your little pet from a trusted breeder who has a reputable track record. It does not matter if they an internationally famous pet store or your local pet dealer; reliability and trustworthiness are important.

Suppose you need a hedgie that is free of health complications and bred ethically without causing them harm. You will have to pay a higher price for it. This will ensure that everything will be done humanely.

Pricing Of a Hedgehog Based on The Species

There exist five genera and seventeen species of hedgehogs. They are found across Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. However, only a few can be domesticated to own them as pets in our homes.

Among them, only two species are raised popularly as pets; they are the Algerian Hedgehog and the African Pygmy Hedgehog. However, the Egyptian Long-Eared Hedgehog and the Indian Long-Eared Hedgehog are also raised by some people as pets.

Here is an overview of the cost of different species of hedgehog

African Pygmy Hedgehog$100-500
Long-eared Hedgehog$900-2000
Algerian Hedgehog$200-350

Other Factors That Decide How Much Are Hedgehogs 

Moreover, some factors can impact the pricing of a hedgehog. These factors are as follows.

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The color of the hedgehog

Black and white-colored hedgehogs cost less since it is commonly found everywhere. Reddish and pinto breed hedgies cost more than the black and white ones.

Where you purchase a hedgie from

The kind of place you purchase a hedgie from can make a huge difference in the price you pay for it. If you purchase them from reputable breeders, they will cost more. If you purchase from your nearby pet store, they will cost lesser.

Their temperament

The temperament of the animal is also a factor that can affect the pricing of hedgehogs. Usually, the calmer the pets are, the higher they will cost. If they are more friendly, they can cost more than the aggressive ones.

The age of the hedgehog

Hedgehogs as pets cost can depend on their age as well. Baby hedgehogs can cost more than older ones.

The Color Of The Hedgehog As a Pricing Factor

Since some colors are harder to find than others, the price will be fixed according to how rare the color is. If the colors are harder to find, the price will be appropriately higher.

For example, African Pygmy is found in numerous shades. This includes cinnamon, pinto, blonde, black, and white. 

Rare blonde shades$200-300
Pinto shades$150-250
Black, White$250-500

10 Must Have Hedgehog Supplies

This primarily includes the price of the pet itself since it is the first thing you pay for. It can cost you anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars depending on the type of hedgie you buy.

This will be followed by the expenditure on numerous essential items that you must bring home with the new baby. The price of these items is flexible. Also, you will have the choice to pick from varying brands and price ranges.

  • The first requirement will be an animal carrier that is required to bring it home. It may cost around 10 to 30 dollars.
  • A cage or enclosure is also required, which will cost around 30 to 200 dollars.
  • A food bowl is also essential. It will be priced around 5 to 10 dollars.
  • You will have to add a special hedgie water bottle. It can cost the same, 5 to 10 dollars.
  • Your hedgie will require a burrowing place. You can buy a special hedgie home or a simple hut. It may cost about 5 to 20 dollars.
  • You will also require a heat emitter or a heating pad for your hedgehog. It can cost you anywhere from around 20 to 35 dollars.
  • Accessories such as wipes and other essentials can cost you 3 to 10 dollars.
  • You will also need a digital thermometer that can clip on the cage. It will cost about 5 to 10 dollars.
  • Hedgies also require exercise wheels that will help them let out energy. It can cost about 7 to 40 dollars.
  • Additional toys and accessories can cost anywhere from 3 to 40 dollars.
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If you sum it all up, you can expect to spend about 90 to 100 dollars at the least. Also, at the most, it can range from 350 to 400 dollars

Additionally, if you include the price of your hedgehog, the price may increase by 100 to 500 dollars. It will depend on the money you have paid for your new little hedgie.

Yearly Expenses of Owning a Hedgehog

It is important to take into account the yearly expenses while purchasing a hedgehog. It includes the weekly or monthly supplies that you buy for your hedgie.

These expenses can be variable depending on where and from which supplier you buy from. Nonetheless, the following list can provide an estimated cost of the yearly expenses.

  • You will have to feed your hedgie at least two times a day for them to grow to their full potential. Food for a hedgehog will cost around 50 to 100 dollars.
  • Your hedgehog requires proper bedding that can cost about 50 to 200 dollars.
  • It is obvious that you want to spoil your hedgie with treats. It will cost you around 15 to 50 dollars.
  • Hedgehog requires pellet litter which will cost about 10 to 50 dollars.
  • Additionally, your hedgie will require regular visits to the veterinarian. This will cost about 50 to 200 dollars.

Totally, it can cost you anywhere from 175 to 200 dollars at the least. If you calculate the maximum expenditure, it can go up to 500 to 600 dollars.

These long-term costs can be reduced if you spend more time researching and hunting for the right suppliers. 

You can also save money if you can buy in bulk that can help you in the long run. However, this is something that will be deducted from your yearly earnings for your hedgie.

Additional Hedgehog Health Expenses

The chances of your hedgehog falling ill are not very slim; it can happen once or twice a year. Hence, you will have to consider this additional expense to get a clearer picture of the expenditure.

Some of the common diseases that hedgehogs can suffer from are ringworm, parasites, dental diseases, urinary tract infection, and even cancer.

Also, you can consider getting pet insurance for your little hedgie. This can cost you about 6 to 12 dollars per month or 80 to 120 dollars per year.

Let’s wrap it all up

It is vital to remember that making a choice of becoming a hedgehog pet parent is a big deal. You are making a commitment to provide the emotional and financial support a living being demands. 

Along with the money, you should also consider the time and energy it takes up to be a hedgie caregiver. You will need to keep up with the maintenance and routine as the little hedgie grows up under your care. 

If you ready for all of it, go ahead and adopt your very own little hedgie. Moreover, be prepared to love and be loved by these adorable little creatures.