How Often Do Hedgehogs Eat?

The eating habits and diet plans of hedgehogs can be quite confusing. The confusion arises because eating habits can vary from a hedgehog to a hedgehog. Hedgehog owners often ask the question regarding a hedgehogs’ diet plan; this is because hedgehogs have a very particular demand of nutritional values, all of which must be met to ensure that they remain healthy active.

how often do hedgehogs eat a day

If you are confused about your hedgehog’s dietary lifestyle, then read on to find out what works best for your best and how often your hedgehog needs food to stay healthy.

Categorizing Hedgehogs Diets?

The dietary needs of pets, just like humans, can not be categorized according to age groups or weights. A hedgehog’s diet depends on its metabolism rate, the activity it performs daily, its weight, and its body size. It is very important to find out whether your hedgehog is underweight or overweight.

The weight factor is important because weight can play an integral role in determining a hedgehog’s diet. The calorie and nutrition intake varies according to the weight a hedgehog has.

All of the factors mentioned above can be quite confusing for people who have recently adopted hedgehogs. But worry no more! We have a simple yet informative dietary plan explanation ahead that may remove any confusion you may have regarding your hedgehog’s food consumption.

But How Often Should My Hedgehog Eat?

A hedgehog, in general, is supposed to eat one to two tablespoons of food; the food contains kibble or homemade meal that you might like to feed your hedgehog. It must also be kept in mind that hedgehogs being insectivores, need insects in their diet.

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Some hedgehog owners claim that a free diet plan for their hedgehog is much more effective than a controlled one. But hedgehog owners can also see that a free diet plan can cause obesity which can cause digestive and immunity problems in your pet. Hence, whenever we get a simple yet complicated question that says how often hedgehogs eat, we have a simple and an advised answer. Your hedgehog must be fed once or twice a day, depending on its immunity and metabolism.

Baby hedgehogs need more food than adult hedgehogs; they follow a free diet cycle and are fed whenever they ask for food because they are at the growing stage. Adult hedgehog owners are generally advised to follow a very controlled diet to ensure that the hedgehog does not have a high-calorie intake and is not gaining more weight than required.

Should I be Worried About How Often My Hedgehog Eats?

The answer is no. You should not be worried about the number of times your hedgehogs consume food. It is advised to focus more on the ingredients of the food you are giving your hedgehog rather than the frequency.

The food you are providing should be balanced and should fulfill all the nutritional needs of your pet. Foods containing higher values of nutrition should be considered rather than ones with lower nutritional values. Foods with lower nutrition can be termed as junk food for hedgehogs and are only served as treats. In treats lies the next query of the question “how often do hedgehogs eat.”

How Often Should I Treat My Hedgehog:

Hedgehogs are advised to have a regulated diet; this means that the owners must also regulate the treats they get along with their meals accordingly. Treats should be given not more than twice a week to ensure an emphasis on nutrition and a balanced diet of a hedgehog.

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Treats should be provided in a much smaller quantity than a normal meal since they do not substitute meals. They can be provided with a meal as an extra course for your pets as a reward. Regulation of treats is made to ensure that your pet has all the nutrients present in the food that it needs. Hedgehogs are very active and move around quite a lot; hence it is necessary to provide them with food that keeps them going and provides them with energy until their next meal.

Making up a diet plan for your hedgehog can be quite challenging; how much often do hedgehogs eat is a very common question that comes to the mind of most hedgehog owners.  It is a whole task in itself that can be confusing. We can infer from the information we have disclosed above that a customized diet plan is better for your hedgehog. A free plan is better because you get to decide how and when your hedgehog eats based on the observation you make on the activities that it performs all day. The only factor you must keep in mind is that the hedgehog must have all the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy and running!

We can conclude that you must choose quality over quantity for your hedgehog.