How To Give Your Hedgehog The Happy Mani-Pedi They Deserve?

Hedgehog nail trimming can seem very intimidating since it is a challenging job. Yet, it is not something you can ignore because it is a vital part of taking care of a hedgehog.

If left uncared for, their nails could get too long. It can make it too harsh for your little hedgie to be the cute little active creatures that they are.

How To Trim Hedgehog Nails In Four Easy Steps ?

Hedgehog Nail trimming is usually a one-person task. You can get it done soon with just the right clippers. However, if your hedgehog is a little temperamental, you may need another person’s help.

Step 1: Prep Your Pet

It is good to wait for your hedgehog to be awake after their nap before trimming. Once they wake up, you can talk to them or comfort them before taking your pet to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, you will have to let the hedgehog run around for a while. This will make your pet get a little comfortable in the environment.

Step 2: Bath

You can fix a bath for them in your sink or choose a suitable tub. Fill it with lukewarm water, just enough to soak their feet.

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This is a foot bath to ensure their feet are not dirty while clipping. Clean their feet diligently and also massage their feet a little.

Step 3: Trimming The Nails

You will have to wait a minute or two after soaking your feet in the water. It is better to start with back nails when they are still investigating their bathtub. This is because they will pay less attention to the trimming, and it can be done quickly

Once you grab their feet gently, you can trim the nails by leaving the pink fleshy part. Always ensure not to trim the nails too close since it can hurt your hedgehog.

You can follow similar instructions for front nails. They can get a little touchy when cutting the front nails. Hence, you need to ensure your little hedgie is accustomed to the trimming.

Step 4: Aftercare

After the trimming session, you can wrap your hedgie in a warm and dry towel. You can positively reinforce your hedgie for the next session by giving him a treat after the little mani-pedi session.

How Often Should You Trim Hedgehog Nails?

Hedgehog nails require to be trimmed once every two to three weeks because they grow very fast.

If you don’t trim it, they can curl under their paws and into the skin in some time. This can lead to serious issues with their feet; hence you can not ignore it.

Hedgehog Nail Clippers

It can be quite difficult to find the right hedgehog nail clippers. That is why we have this little list curated for you.

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1.     Pet Republique Nail Clippers

It is designed for small pets like hedgehogs. This product offers a better grip and can provide a stress-free experience.

2.     H&H Pets Small Breed Nail Clipper

These lightweight clippers can be perfect for small animals like hedgehogs. It is designed to provide safety with a slit-proof coating.

3.     Alfie Pet Nail Clipper

It is designed to make precise cuts quickly. It is a professional quality nail trimmer.

Final Verdict

By following these steps suggested above, you can make the entire process neat and easier for your hedgehog.

Also, we hope that you can find the most suitable nail clippers and give your hedgie a nice mani-pedi.