What Do Hedgehogs Play With? Our List of Best Toys For Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are cute and cheerful creatures who are always up for mischief. They are exciting companions to have as they’re playful creatures and always fun to be around.

They whiffle and become super active when they are happy. They get pretty affectionate if you give them the attention and care that they crave. Providing toys for these beautiful pets to play with would make them jump with joy.

hedgehog playing with toys

Hedgehogs love to play with toys. These make fun pets as they would constantly be entertaining you. So, if you give your hedgehogs toys, it makes them ecstatic. Make your hedgehogs play with toys today to make them happy.

If you’re wondering what kind of toys they would love, no worries; we are here to help you out. This article sheds light on all the toys you can buy to keep your pet hedgehogs entertained.

Why Do Hedgehogs Need Toys?

Hedgehogs are prone to get bored quickly. These active guys need something to keep them entertained. Toys amuse them and help them pass their time.

Additionally, these are solitary animals by nature and need your attention and time to gain trust or love. Toys would allow you to bond well with them.

The 15 Best Toys For Hedgehogs

Toys that are safe and promote their natural habitats are the most recommended. Different types of toys induce various activities within them. Let us look at some of the most popular ones!

Chew Toys To Keep Your Hedgie Teeths Healthy

Giving hedgehogs chew toys can make them happy. Like dogs, hedgehogs too love to constantly chew on stuff, so providing them with chew toys is a wise idea. Ensure that your chew toys are safe.

These toys should not contain toxic materials. Soft materials like leather or edible materials prove to be safer options. They should also be large enough not to get digested or damaged.

Some chew toys to get can be used to get your hedgehog’s attention for other purposes like pushing, exercising. let’s look at some of them

1.      Niteangel fun and Safe Toys for Small Animals

This packing set contains safe toys for your hedgehogs to play or chew. This widely popular set includes four toys such as a willow ring, pinecone, seagrass ball, and loofah. The multipurpose toy set is made by hand entirely with natural materials. They can be used to play, toss, chew, and pushed.

 2.      Niteangel Treat and Snack Ball for Small Animals

These are snack balls that contain holes to provide treats to your pets. It is perfect for a hedgehog to eat, chew, and get entertained. The holes are adjustable where you can let your pet get in and nibble some treats and roll and push it while and relieve them from getting bored.

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3.      andwe balls Chew Toys & Treats

These play balls and chew toys come in a set of eight balls that your pets can gnaw or chew. The chew toys are made up of natural fibrous materials like seagrass, willow twigs, coco fiber, water hyacinth, rattan, and corn husk. Hedgehogs can get enriched and entertained by nibbling the toys can keep their teeth in perfect condition.

4.      Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

These mint sticks come in a pack of three and are ideal for your hedgehogs to chew. Hedgehogs adore the scent of mint. Moreover, the knitting style in these sticks is removed from dirt or food particles present in the hedgehog’s mouth, thereby improving dental health. The fabric is tight and won’t come out or get damaged. Hence, this is the ideal product to buy for your hedgehogs to chew

Hedgehog Toys For Exercising

Hedgehogs love to move around and constantly get stimulated. This toy would also keep them stay in shape and prevent obesity and isolation. They are athletic pets who like to climb, roll, run, walk, and do many more fun activities. It can awaken their searching instincts as they constantly run, climb, or sway in the wild.

These creatures run up to 12 miles at night. When we keep have them as our pets, we need to provide kindred surroundings to make them comfortable. There are many exercising wells and balls available in the market which can keep them healthy.

5.      Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

The runner is one of the top products which is recommended for the hedgehogs to run. The product is safely designed in such a way that it doesn’t have a dangerous center bar. It reduces the risk of getting entangled and being susceptible to any injuries.

The exercise wheel is made of stainless steel and contains a to create a silent effect. There are no squeaky wheels to generate friction or noise, and it is quickly dissembled. It also includes a nutrition basket and cage attachment. This product is ideal for hedgehogs, with lots of features present for hedgehogs’ exercise.

6.      Treadmill Wheel for small animals

The treadmill wheel is available for hedgehogs too. This treadmill wheel promotes a safe, healthy environment to exercise. It contains a saucer-shaped wheel which is durable and made of good quality to run.

The treadmill provides healthy running as it has a flat surface to prevent injuries. They also have ball-bearing technology for quiet and smooth running.

7.      Kaytee Critter Cruiser

Hedgehog loves to play with cars. The critter cruiser by Kaytee is a powered exercise car to drive your small pet. The wheels are adjustable and come in three different ways like mobile, stationary, and hamtrac. You can get your hedgehogs to sit inside the cruiser and help them race the car.

8.      Kritter Krawler Jumbo Exercise Ball

Le’s exercise ball is ideal for hedgehogs that love running. They are made of shatter-resistant plastic material. This ball is transparent, which makes hedgehogs see their surroundings. The ball contains handles for your pet to grip and hold. It includes two half’s which can be taken apart and cleaned.

9.      5-Pack Hot Wheels

Just like babies, the hedgehogs are intrigued by cars. The hedgehogs love to run behind colorful vehicles, which is fascinating to them. Casing cars can be a form of exercise when the hedgehogs try to catch the bright hot wheels set. The cars do not contain any small parts which they might chew. Still, it is safe for you to check now and then.

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10. Tfwadmx Small Animal Swing Toys

The set consists of swings, and swing toys are top recommendations for encouraging exercise activity in hedgehogs. The collection consists of a swing and exercise wheel, which can be used to nest, play, and exercise. The wheel is in the shape of the flying Saucer and is durable, and contains an exciting design. The swing and wheels do not make and sounds as they are made from noise resistance material.

Entertainment Toys For Hedgehogs

The hedgehogs like to use toys for the sole purpose of getting entertained. They love looking at the toys or likes playing games using them.

Games like solving mazes, puzzles or hide and seek, or even any soft toys pick their attention and interest. So, keep your hedgehogs entertained with these fun and stimulating games.

 11. Marshall Pop-N-Play Ball Pack

The pack contains a total of 15 balls for hedgehogs to play. These plastic balls are light and soft and, therefore, easy to push and pull. The balls are eye-catching with a variety of vibrant colors.  It is effortless to maintain them as the surface is round. Purchase many of these balls to fill your hedgehog’s cage or bed with lots of them for better impact.

12. Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

This crinkle tunnel is 23′ inches long and can get connected to other tunnels and funnels. The crinkle tunnels are the best hideouts for the hedgehogs to have. The tunnel uses different fabric which produces crinkle sounds to keep the hedgehogs happy. The tunnel is made of washable cotton material, making it all the more ideal options to buy.

13. Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

This tunnel is perfect for your hedgehogs to hide, play, or sleep in. this product keeps your hedgehogs entertained while even going out. The tunnel is at the right size for your hedgehogs and is attached to any other tunnels or tents. It promotes exploration and is easily foldable to carry anywhere.

14. Multipet Look Who’s Talking Plush Talking Soft Toy

This soft rabbit toy is a battery-operatable talking toy to entertain other animals. Giving this to your hedgehogs would keep them entertained. This toy, however, needs to be monitored to ensure nothing gets damaged.

15. Wild Republic Hedgehog Plush

The hedgehogs love to cuddle and play with soft toys. This hedgehog plush soft toy would make them excited and keep them company. This toy is made of high-quality materials and is easy to wash.

Wrap Up

Hedgehogs need toys to play with, for them to stay physically and mentally healthy. The toys are in harmony with their inquisitive nature and provide adequate stimulation. They won’t get bored and their natural tendencies will be encouraged. Try giving them all kinds of toys to keep them happy. Additionally, playing with your hedgehogs will make them bond with you and show you affection.