Where are Hedgehogs Illegal? (Countries)

More and more people in the United States and worldwide are getting hedgehogs as pets. And there’s a solid reason for it. Hedgehogs are often considered a wild animal by many, and the states of the United States disagree on whether they should be domesticated.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll go into great depth regarding the laws and regulations about the question, where are hedgehogs illegal?

Why Are Hedgehogs Illegal In Some States:

Hedgehog ownership is illegal virtually everywhere for ecological grounds. It is prohibited from roaming free for a species that is not native to the Americas. For all you know, it may become an invasive species as soon as it breaks free of its confines in your bedroom and spreads over the continent. Secondly, it is assumed that people are not qualified enough to take care of such exotic animals, as they are due. They are to be fed properly; there is a temperature maintenance responsibility in the space where they are kept, so on.

States Where Hedgehogs are Illegal:


In many states, including California, hedgehogs are not kept as pets. Hedgehogs are not allowed to be kept as pets in California. We will stress that existing law is based on fear and ignorance. A variety of animals have been identified as potentially hazardous to humans. Although a limitation on some species is reasonable, it does not apply to African Pygmy hedgehogs. Oh! Also, keep an eye out for those gerbils…they’re a threat.

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Hedgehogs are illegal in Georgia unless you have a license and can establish you’re a registered breeder, according to Section 27-5-4 of the O.C.G.A. Hedgehogs aren’t specifically mentioned in Section 27-5-5 (b)(1), although there’s a rumor that you may own one as a “technicality” in Georgia (B). Eulipotyphyla was renamed the biological order Insectivora, and a portion of it was classed as Eulipotyphyla. However, Georgia law still recognizes the Insectivora order. That’s not a fight you want to be a part of.  Because the code offers the cops a lot of liberty, you’ll have a hard time winning.


Hawaii is not on the list of states that allow hedgehogs as pets. A statute of omission is Hawaii’s method of prohibiting hedgehog ownership. Here’s how it works. Getting caught might result in up to three years in prison and/or penalties of up to $500,000, so they mean business. It’s important to note that Hawaii is particularly protective of its botanical and tropical flora and native insects. Their main concern is whether or not there will be any wild hedgehogs on the island.


Another one has been released. Hedgehogs are not allowed as pets in Pennsylvania! To put it another way, we rapidly became sucked into a maze of legal quagmires. Once upon a time in the past, hedgehogs were lawful pets if they were born and raised in the state by licensed breeders. There is no outside lineage.

According to several accounts, such permission was revoked at some point. Exotic animals may have been seized in Pennsylvania; that much is certain. To keep exotic animals as pets in February 2020, a $50 permit from the Pennsylvania Game Commission is required.

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Some other states Include:

  • Nebraska
  • 5 Boroughs of Newyork
  • Omaha