Where To Buy Hedgehogs?

You’re not alone if you’re looking for a place to purchase a hedgehog. It seems like the demand for hedgehogs as pets is skyrocketing these days! If you’ve already started looking for a dependable site to buy a hedgehog, you may have realized that there aren’t many options.

Sellers are springing up all over the place due to the unexpected surge in popularity (and some who aren’t very reliable).

The process to identify the distinction between a genuine hedgehog seller and an untrustworthy one might be a difficult one.

For that very reason, we’ve created this article in order to guide our readers about their main question: Where to buy hedgehogs? Give this article a read, and you shall have your answer. You’ll find out where to obtain a hedgehog from so that you can get started with a healthy and happy pet right away.

It’s Important To Buy Hedgehog From A Reputable Source Because:

To begin, let’s talk about the importance of purchasing a hedgehog from a reputable and ethical seller before moving on to specific locations from where you may get one. The hedgehog mania has spawned a large number of businesses and breeders that aren’t actually concerned about the welfare of the creatures.

Cash is all they care about. As a result, the care and quality of life they give is most likely to be subpar. Not only does this harm the hedgehogs, but it harms the customer as well.

There are several reasons why a new owner may have to spend extra time, effort, and money caring for an animal that isn’t in ideal health: There’s a good chance that these hedgehogs won’t live to see their full potential (and surely not exceed it). It would help if you were careful in this regard, where you are going to get your hedgehog from.

It’s depressing all around. We’ve heard from many folks over the years who got their hedgehog from a shady vendor and, despite their affection for their pet, desired they had purchased it from a more trustworthy source.

It’s easy to see why this might sway people. It’s not uncommon to see low-quality pet hedgehogs for sale at cheap prices. Here’s the thing, raising hedgehogs properly doesn’t cost much money. In the end, you may be spending more money in the long run if you attempt to save a few dollars in the short term.

And things only get worse from here. Supporting businesses that treat their hedgehogs badly encourages them to continue their bad practices. They have no reason to enhance the quality of their treatment or leave the sector altogether (both are fine with us).

An Overview of Where to Purchase a Hedgehog:

When it comes to where to buy a hedgehog from, you have a wide range of possibilities. Some are better than others, and we’ll explain why in a moment, but they’re all deserving of consideration.

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Hedgehog Breeders:

An experienced hedgehog breeder should be at the top of your list if you’re considering purchasing a pet hedgehog. Buying from a breeder has several perks that make becoming a pet owner a lot simpler. The best location to get a hedgehog is from a reliable breeder who has been offering pet hedgehogs for some time.

There is little chance of genetic health complications when you purchase from them, and you have a reliable source to turn to if questions arise. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had hedgehogs for a long time or if you’re a newbie. Sadly, many individuals claim to be expert breeders when they aren’t. A bad breeder might cause many problems that you don’t want to deal with. This is where word-of-mouth is so valuable.

Buying a hedgehog from a licensed breeder is the first step:

Even though some trustworthy breeders out there don’t have this license, this is one of the best methods to verify that you’re working with a reputable individual.

Check out the internet as well. In various helpful hedgehog message boards, pet owners discuss their experiences with various breeders and suggest those they have confidence in. Even if the breeder isn’t near you, you can probably purchase your pet online and have it sent to you!

Make a list of the breeders in your region and ask around if you like to remain local. Check out their credentials and discover if anybody else has purchased from them.

 Pet Shops:

People often purchase hedgehogs from pet shops. However, you must be very cautious if you decide to go this route.

Because of their lack of experience and dedication to the species, most pet shops are not the best places to buy these creatures. Hedgehogs are little more than a means to an end for most of these people. They probably don’t want to harm anybody, but they lack the necessary skills. You won’t get the same degree of personal attention and skill from a pet shop as you would from a breeder.

If you’re thinking of getting a hedgehog as a pet for the first time, this knowledge will come in handy. If you buy a hedgehog from a pet shop, it may not have been bred and kept in the best circumstances, leading to health problems and a shorter lifespan. Male and female animals may be housed together in pet shops.

You should avoid purchasing a female hedgehog kept with a male hedgehog if this is the situation. That’s all it takes, sadly, to have a significant negative influence on the health of these creatures.

We don’t believe it’s worth it to order a hedgehog online or go to your local shop and pick one up the same day. We cannot advocate purchasing hedgehogs from a pet shop because of the many risks they pose.

 Animal Shows:

Hedgehogs may also be purchased at animal shows and trade events. Every city in the nation has these events attended by big numbers of seasoned salespeople. A chance to interact with hedgehogs and converse with the folks who sell them will be provided.

This approach, however, does not guarantee success. Make sure you know what questions to ask ahead of time. Even if the performers at these events are well-versed, it doesn’t mean they aren’t in it for the money.

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Local Vet:

Your local exotic pet doctor may also be a good source of information and recommendations. Many individuals ignore this, yet it may be beneficial while doing research. Your veterinarian can answer certain questions, but we prefer you conduct your own research and choose a USDA-approved breeder.

Your veterinarian may assist you if you have a query in mind that you don’t know how to ask. No matter where you get them, Hedgehogs will need regular visits to a vet regardless of where you purchase them from. It’s never too early to start a friendship and gain some guidance from it!

Adopting Hedgehog:

Taking in hedgehogs from people who can no longer care for them is a terrific method to save a hedgehog’s life. Additionally, an owner’s pet’s accidental birth of hedgehogs may be life-saving. The following are some considerations and questions to ponder before proceeding:

What is the cause of the hedgehog’s owner giving it away? Ascertain whether or not the hedgehog is suffering from a terminal illness or any other terrible condition.

Asking the owner some questions to make sure the hedgehog came from a reputable source is similar to studying hedgehogs from breeders.

In the end, can you genuinely take care of one of them? Lastly, don’t adopt or buy these animals if you think you can give them the time and care they need.

Before you have a Hedgehog as a pet, here are some things to keep in mind:

Hedgehogs are lonely creatures that prefer to avoid human contact:

In the pet market, African pygmy hedgehog hybrids are the most widely bought hedgehog. It will be beneficial to keep in mind that these creatures are just a few generations removed from their wild relatives. “Domesticated” is an exaggeration that goes well beyond the facts. When the novelty of owning a hedgehog wears off, many people choose to discard them. Caged hedgehogs’ basic physiological and psychological requirements aren’t being satisfied.

Caretakers of hedgehogs often lack the resources to provide them with the specific medical attention and the specialized diet that these animals need. According to breeders and dealers, little is known about these animals’ natural behavior, appropriate food, and demands in terms of their surroundings to be content.

What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

Hedgehogs should be fed mostly high-quality hedgehog food when kept as pets. Some gut-loaded insects, such as mealworms and crickets, may also be supplied, as can a small quantity of fresh fruit and vegetables. This is because insects fed healthy food transmit it onto lizards. The hedgehog food that we recommend is Hedgehog essentials by ZooPro; they are not only one of the best foods for your hedgehog but also a reasonable one.

Hedgehog Cage and Other Accessories:

You should just get a cage and other useful accessories before you get a hedgehog as a pet. We have found just the thing for you guys; the exotic nutrition store offers a complete bundle of all the necessary things for your pet.